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February 13, 2008


financial hack

what specific credentials or experience they can cite to indicate that he is currently qualified to be the Chief Executive of the United States.

I think it is a good question that needs to be answered with more than "inspriation" This is my perspective...

I would say if you want to look at the leadership either would bring, look at their campaigns. That shows their leadership at this very moment. He has done what everyone said couldn't be done - he organized and is running a campaign that is beating Hilary from out of nowhere and from a position where Hilary dominated from the start. Hilary, on the otherhand, has thrown away a lead that should have never been lost through her campaign. In my eyes, that says it all - the campaigns show how each would run the country and Obama's has been far more successful and organized.


Hillary is not losing because of sexism. Obama has done nothing, through surrogates or otherwise, that will cause a lasting rift within the party.

If nominated, he will be the best general election candidate we've had in a long time (HRC would be good too), and people will get behind him regardless of what happened in February.


FINANCIAL HACK. I don't give a damn about 'leadership,' whatever that means. I want a president who can do the dirty work of cleaning up after Bush.

BIWAH. You mean, 'in your opinion.' This is the Obama supporters' typical fallacy: to confuse opinion with fact.


Much of this post is attacking overly vociferous internet posters or e-mailers. I don't care to defend these. I maintain that Obama has been respectful, and his campaign, aside from a few mailings that have been a little bit agressive for my taste, has been respectful as well. ("Will you support the other guy/gal" is the classic trap question, designed to set up negative spin no matter what the answer is. Either you're making plans for defeat, or you think your opponent is evil. Any answer deserves to be ignored.)

If you're still angry at Obama in November for things his supporters said in January and February, and that keeps you from voting against McCain/for Obama, that strikes me as rather shortsighted. This may look like a dirty campaign from up close, but to the general public it appears civil, and drastically more civil than the Republican campaign was. Did you see the two Super Tuesday debates? The contrast in tone could hardly have been more dramatic.

You're willing to excuse Clinton's past mistakes as making "hard choices", but unwilling to accept Obama's "present" votes. I couldn't care less on either of these issues. This is the sort of partisan stuff that makes for a soundbite or an attack ad or a hatchet job column. Nobody should be basing their vote on this stuff.


I do not 'forgive' Clinton---I just think she has better credentials. I have no warm and fuzzy feelings toward her. Weighing the experience, credentials, etc., it seems to me that she is clearly the more qualified.

I very much wanted Obama as a VP---after 8 years, I'd happily support him for president, provided nothing happened to make me think otherwise.

I do not want him as president NOW. I am not at all convinced we'd be better off with obama than McCain. Obama might be a fab successor to McCain.

It's not short-sighted; it's simply a bit cynical. But that's where I've landed.


Damozel, obviously I am stating my opinion. In the original post you decry the aggressive tenor of Obama folks, presumably mostly bloggers and commenters. Then you jump on me for saying what I think as a "typical fallacy" of all Obama supporters. Broad brush much?

Anyway what part of my opinion do you disagree with? The part about the Democratic party surviving the trauma of this primary season? It's pretty silly to suggest it won't, but maybe you can make a case otherwise. It will take more than some hurt feelings and disappointment in the thick of February, is my point.


I, like you, didn't start out with any strong opposition towards Obama but a couple of things have changed my mind.

A recent interview with Michele Obama on Larry King (where she reiterates her remarks about not voting for Hilary) I found passive aggresive and insubstantial. More of the "vote for him because he is MORAL and has character" and not so subtle digs at Clinton. I don't need a politician to be my moral compass. I don't need government that legislates from the the position of Right or Wrong (Obama's comments about being RIGHT from day one). Sometimes there is only bad and worse. What then?

His new ads running in Hawaii (where I am) touts his Universal Health Care plan, a lie. I also saw him rallying in one of the Potomac states this past week (Virigina?) also touting his "Universal Health Care" plan. Health care is an important issue to me and in my opinion, he is risking one of the best chances we have at true Health care reform with his attack ads and fear mongering (she will make you pay for coverage you can't afford!).

I will be caucasing for Hilary on Feb. 19, though I realize I'm fighting an uphill battle here where people think "he went to high school here!" as reason enough to vote for him.

I think, if anything, this Primary season has made me more cynical about Americans. I really want to get behind whichever candidate is chosen. I want to see real change for us. In an election where everyone is yelling about change, all I'm seeing is more of the same. I think Edwards and Clinton (my dream ticket) could have done this, but the more I see of Obama, the less faith I have that he can.


BIWAH, You are right and I am sorry. I am afraid I've become pretty angry and aggressive myself.


Really? Thanks, I'm impressed!

We're all excited but this will pass, one way or another.

D. Cupples

Yes, BIWAH, you have a point about all the excitement.

I'm just glad that people in THIS discussion are pretty calm and civil.


Damozel, I'm considering McCain as well, but leaning toward the Democrat, whoever it is. One big reason is that thanks to getting out of Iraq and repealing the Bush tax cuts, a Democratic president is probably more likely to reduce the deficit, even with greater domestic spending. And of course, there's the risk of another Thomas/Alito/Roberts/Scalia-type supreme court nominee. With McCain, a lot depends on his VP choice, as I need to like the VP of a guy who's 72 when he takes office. I won't be voting for any ticket containing Huckabee.

And let's not count Clinton out yet. This nomination won't be decided until Texas/Ohio at the earliest. Three weeks is a long time, and I'm betting the media will start to throw out criticisms of Obama just to fill air time and column inches. Watch for it.

If Clinton wins, I think you get Obama as the VP, and another run in '16. (If Obama wins, my money is on Richardson to get tapped for VP.)

Penelope Snow

Did I just write that? Yeah, what she said!
My thoughts EXACTLY. What happened to the concept of "critical thinking" that Obama supporters MUST have learned in college? He is a powerful communicator-the antithesis of Bush in that respect-but I see a lot of personal characteristics that remind me of Bush and frankly make me really nervous. McCain is starting to look not really all that bad, almost (if you fuzz your eyes up) like a democratican...or a republicat! and At least he's for real. But hey, who needs authenticity when you are inspired? Oh wait, that's the problem with drugs, reality stews for you while you get lost in the euphoric high. The question is, can he inspire himself? The audacity of asking your supporters to "Believe" outright plea for suspension of disbelief, what a strategy! People, this isn't a TV show, and the GOP, leaders in Iran, China are deaf to the siren song, just like us-the other half of the Democrats, who are going "what gives"??!

Penelope Snow

Financial Hack-so...because Bush had a successful campaign and (kinda) won twice that shows he's got leadership? Tsk, tsk.

Sophie Roae

I will vote for Hillary, however if it is Obama who will be running, I will vote Republician, before I vote for him - that's all this country needs.

Obama Fan

This was a fantastic and historic win for Barack Obama and our country! I believe he will do a great deal to attempt to unite this country!

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