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February 15, 2008


Denise Johnson

I find it, still, so hard to believe the number of 'Clinton haters' out there. Peggy Noonan is at least not on any of the shows too much except for Tim Russert's. Tim loads his show up to agree with him regarding Hillary's "shortcomings" or to snicker at "probably" not making it to be the nominee. I believe that many are Hillary bashers for precisely the same reason that others are the Obama NUTS, with their eyes spinning in their sockets and love Obama not even understanding what his positions are on the issues. Obama is charming, to be sure. But Hillary is my kind of leader. She is a scrapper, by God, and I trust that she will stand up to anyone and any country, and lead us out of this mess that George W. and his cronies have stuck us with. Our country has lost so much under the W. Sad.
I now realize that I am qualified as any of the talking heads. Who the frick are these idiots who interrupt anyone and everyone's conversation before they've gotten to their point because they think they already know exactly what the other is going to say?? And they (especially Chris Matthews) need to get all the nastiness in that they possibly can. Matthews is probably the BIGGEST offender, and for some reason he even LOOKS as though it is his duty to ferret out anything that Hillary could POSSIBLY be hiding ot lying about, or what she "really" is saying. I guess Matthews thinks that Hillary speaks in code. He's SO SURE that there is something there. Today for instance, her tax returns were turned over, and Matthews was actually salivating on his show and seemed heated as he asked "where did they get their money??!" He was pretty much indignant over the fact that the Clintons didn't turn over their 2007 returns yet. Well I don't know about you, but my husband and I have filed for an extension for the past 10 years at least, and we don't make a fraction of of what the Clintons have made over the years.
The more I hear this Hillary bashing, the more I respect her for doing as well as she has considering she has had a MUCH TOUGHER road!! Much tougher.
It sure sounds like the Baby Boomers, too, who would take the advice of their children to vote for Obama, when they know better that Hillary has all the tools and the drive and experience and the toughness to be our president. Even Jimmy Carter is just listening to the kids, rather than really looking at the situation. I am so disappointed.
This country is far nore sexist than it is racist. People are SO sexist that they don't even realize that they ARE sexist. It is THAT ingrained. It is THAT much a part of our fabric, in general.
So I am here to say that Hillary still has a chance, and I hope that NO ONE will again tell her that she should step aside. Do you honestly think that Obama would step aside if the situation were reversed?? I think NOT.
You GO, Hillary!!! I, for ONE, am here to support you ALL THE WAY!!!


Hillary Clinton's ruthless opportunism is nowhere better exemplified than by her behavior in the Nevada primary where she attempted to ingratiate herself with casino workers by pointing out that Obama had spoken out against the deleterious effects of casinos on low-income people.

She is also a big-time recipient of money from casino gambling interests.

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