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February 08, 2008


D. Cupples


Yes, I watched it. I didn't blog about Russert, because I knew everyone else would. I did, however, cover Olberman's, Matthews' and the network's coverage of the debate: truly bizarre.


I completely agree. The media bias (especially MSNBC) towards Obama is so disgusting.
It's sad that it's the Media not the voters who are picking/deciding the Democratic nominee.


I completely agree. The media bias (especially MSNBC) towards Obama is so disgusting.
It's sad that it's the Media not the voters who are picking/deciding the Democratic nominee.

D. Cupples

Well put, K! The media does seem to be picking the Dems' nominee. It's not much different from how Fox operates in its realm.


Wow who would have thought a few months ago that Fox would appear to be balanced compared to MSNBC or CNN. Much of the mainstream media is disgusting to say the least but i have been watching them since the late 90's and its getting pogressively worse. Gore was wooden Bush was the charming people person, a uniter and a compassionate con what a load of Bull and its the same thing all over again this time its Obama, who is going to be a massive disappointment when its all over. Also, this media has been obsessed with one sensational story after other and they made national stories out of nothing. Remember Elian Gonzales and Chandra Levy before 9/11 it all ended in a moment when 9/11 happened all those stories dissapeared now it was about our warrior king Bush against those evildoers never mind the fact that they were in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia not in Eyerack...ooops we went to the wrong country where a secular dictator was keeping the terrorists out, now since we got there they have entered via Iran and Syria despite our presence, now we are hearing about Al-Qaida in Iraq where there was none. Had the media done its job early on it should have been a lot better. New York times have been a huge disappointment in all this. Now they've tried to ruin McCain's campaign as Hillary seems to be losing because they are for Obama. Look what this media has done to every candidate that opposed Obama. This is probably the most disfunctional media of any Western Democracy. They have better and unbiased media in developing nations that have vibrant democracies.

D. Cupples


You make some good points. I'd forgotten about Chandra Levy, btw. I'm still chuckling over "Eyerack," incidentally.

Linda Korrecta

It is disgusting the way the Morning Joe Show allows Meka to beat up on Hillary and keep repeating Obama's name. (Barak Hussein Obama) She should either shut up with her campaigning on this show or FIRED. She is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Meka rudely interrupts Joe Scarborough, other commentators and guests. I thought Fox News was biased and unfair! It now seems MSNBC is just as biased.

D. Cupples

yes, Linda. It seems that MSNBC has become Fox-2

R Gates

I remember in the beginning Olbermann was postive towards Hillary. Now he has done a 360. Noticed this after his buddy Shuster was suspended. I regret I ever thought he was unbiased. He certainly is and I no longer watch his program. Ater Matthews got smacked by the viewers for his anti Hillary comments I wonder if Olbermann is now playing bad cop.

D. Cupples

R Gates,

I loved watching Olbermann's video clips when he discussed things like FISA and Justice Department politicization.

Those were real issues with some real rights and wrongs embedded.

Clinton v. Obama is a real issue but doesn't have many clear-cut rights and wrongs, so I don't like seeing a guy I had admired pretending there are such clear cuts.

I haven't all-out abandoned Olbermann yet, but I no longer eagerly check his video archives each night to see what I missed.



I understand when you say you haven't abandoned Olbermann. I stayed with him for awhile but when he got really caustic the past two weeks towards Hillary I was surprised and just couldn't put my finger on why he was doing it and decided the way he turned so negative was not what I wanted to see from someone who had been at least fair in his comments. Makes one wonder what is going on with him and MSNBC.

D. Cupples

R. Gates,

I like him when he's not talking about the Dems' race. But, again, I don't go looking for his videos anymore. If I see a reference to an Olbermann video on a "safe" topic, I'll watch it.

I bet we're not alone in losing our love for Olbermann, given that about 50% of Dems like Hillary. MSNBC is probably feeling it -- or will feel it soon in the ratings.


I have emailed the editors at MSNBC and voiced my opinion about their bias by all their programs except the Abrams report...if he starts to get too negative I will let him know too. Don't know if email will do any good but maybe if enough people do it they will take heed but am not holding my breath. R. Gates

D. Cupples

I'm with you on the email-might-work notion. I've done it too -- and listed email addresses in some of my posts.

R. Gates

Good for you D. Cupples on emailing. Saw Tucker Carlson's farewell. Wonder who will replace him. Probably just another shrill talking head. R. Gates

D. Cupples

Hi RGates,

I just emailed NBC heads over Olbermann's "special commentary" on Hillary, too. Email addresses (and some decent analysis, LOL) are at this post:


Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth. I strongly beieve that Hillary will be the best for our nation at this time and think its unfortunate that the media is not allowing us to see this. I avoid mainstream media and instead scour the internet for articles I consider to be objective. If only articles like this were more widely distributed.

I also strongly believe that Obama would be very bad for our nation - not because he is black, and not because he is inexperienced and dangerously idealistic, but because he appears to be quite egotistical and will stop at nothing to achieve his personal goals, including duping the nation into believing he is naive and pure.

Media glorification of a man about whom we know little to nothing is very dangerous and risky. Revelations of late are proving that Obama has not been vetted - the media is not interested in revealing truths to us and instead continue to glorify him. I am astounded that, given the fact that he was oriented to black culture by an anti-American, racist, hate-monger minister, the media is still not asking the questions we need the answers to. I worry that we will wind up with the wrong candidate, who will ultimately lose to the Republicans, or worse, who will win and take our country down a path of destruction. Those in the media have as much to lose as the rest of us. Why are they not concerned?


Hallelujah!!!!!!!!! I am not the only one who noticed this crap we call news. I have been livid over the how MSNBC and other news media have lambasted Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama is disingenuous and a classic example of form over substance. If you want to be emotionally stroked then Barack Obama is your man. I hate how willfully blind the news acts about Barack, they are too scared to criticize him lest the NAACP, Al Sharpton or anyone else black accuse them of being racist. That’s cowardly! I am an African American and hate how Barack is getting a pass because he is the token black novelty. I wish it wasn’t that way because it places a shadow on the real substantive black leaders. On black radio stations across the nation disc jockeys are rallying behind Barack comparing him to Martin Luther King which I find insulting. They have demonized Hillary and assumed because Barack is part black he really cares for their issues and that’s just naive. The news and many others fail to admit how much of Baracks campaign has been based on fallacies, generalities and lofty ideas. Oh if Hillary criticizes Barack she is doing negative campaigning, if Barack criticizes Hillary then its ok because he is the politics of hope. I’ve heard more criticizing of Hillary Clinton from MSNBC then of George W. Bush. People are caught up with trends, novelties and being star struck and letting their emotions instead of reason make decisions, this is ridiculous! I am so pissed off by this non sense; I don’t think people understand how serious this is and how dumb we look to people around the world.

D. Cupples


MSNBC certainly has joined the Obama campaign. Perhaps the network should report all of that favorable airtime as in-kind donations (lol).

I love your final statement: "I don’t think people understand how serious this is and how dumb we look to people around the world."

I hadn't thought of it that way.


This leaves me with a difficult chose as to which person to vote for. Anyone else having this difficulty?

D. Cupples

Hi RG,

A lot of people will have a difficult time choosing, whoever the Dem nominee is. Politics is interesting this year.

Kelly Whaley

I can only tolerate watching Morning with Joe as he is the only one with a brain and intelligence and reports in a fair manner. His co hosts are bias but at least he reels them in.
Chris Matthews is making a fool of himself with his constant bashing of Hillary that it is obvious he should be paid by the Obama camp or maybe MSNBC is paid by them?
Very sad indeed that they can not report a story without giving their personal opinion constantly.


I find it strange how quiet the Republicans have been towards Barack. That leads me to believe they want him to be the nominee, so that they can later politically slaughter him. I believe some of these journalists and news correspondents are under cover republicans who are strategically endorsing Barack for that very reason. Something is up…because I think it’s eerie how much Barack is being celebrated and any forms of legitimate criticism is being considered bad and racist.

D. Cupples


Nothing would surprise me.


Hi everyone,

Just mailed my second contribution to Hillary. I refuse to give up on her. I hope she wins Penssylvania, Kentucky and Indiana. N.Carolina will be hard for her. I also sent her a little note and told her not to quit. RG

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