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February 08, 2008


D. Cupples


That is soooo Cool of you.


Here we go again. ABC is getting slammed for being so hard on obama at the debate. Strange that Hillary was given such a hard time and the media elite found all kind of excuses for being disgustingly biased. Obama was rattled! I guess he thought he was going to be given another soft pillow to sit on. RG


Conservative here..I have NEVER seen such a disgusting display of bias for a candidate in my life! It was obvious that cnn and msnbc wanted Obama to be their little baby Jesus. I don't FOX has ever been this bad!
Boycott MSNBC! Destroy Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman.

Buck Naked Politics

HI Alicia,

Fox has been that bad -- against anyone who questioned George Bush between 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Oddly, Fox was very nice to Hillary during her run, though.

What surprises many of us progressives is that the so-called "liberal" media turned on Hillary and adopted Obama, though he's less progressive than Hillary.

I am disgusted by our media.

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