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February 07, 2008



The pundits I have heard over the last two night have said that the super delegates will broker the convention, giving the nomination to Hillary because the "supers" usually go to the establishment, the machine--in this case, Hillary. Okay, but as the analysts go on to point out, African-Americans will feel rejected and may not turn out in November, whereas Hillary's base would indeed turn out for Obama. Don't know, but it sounds plausible. If a brokered convention results, it's like voter nullification. What of the tens of millions of people who voted in the freezing cold primaries, thinking that they were selecting a nominee?


I don't have to be sure that Barack will be a great President to support him enthusiastically. All I need is to know that putting Hillary (and Bill) back in the White House will certainly be a disappointment. Barack might not be a disappointment, so that's a huge difference.


"Dean said he thought the Democratic Party would have a nominee by mid-March or April."

Could someone kindly remind Mr. Dean that there *are* states with *May* primaries? Pretty please?

Yes, we're well aware that we are mathematically irrelevant most years. But that doesn't mean the DNC should take it in hand to disenfranchise us in a year in which our opinions might actually matter?

If he's worried about the effect of waiting until August, they should be having the convention in June or something. The DNC should have the decency to at least *pretend* to care about all of the states' votes. Saying a candidate must be firmly in place by April is flat-out insulting to voters in late primary state.

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