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February 17, 2008


Jamie Pitts

"...this could only help Hillary"? That precisely is what they are trying to do!


I know it's your strong belief that the right is more afraid of Clinton than Obama, but it's possible that they attack Clinton more because (a) they're used to doing it, (b) they have lots of available, well-used ammo, and (c) they don't like her and want to make sure she isn't nominated. Not everybody is going to behave strategically, and in fact most people don't behave strategically during elections.

The polls suggest that Obama is the harder matchup for McCain. This may be why McCain (the person most likely to be behaving strategically) is spending a lot more time criticizing Obama than Clinton. Rather than speculate about a right-wing conspiracy to engage in strategic doubletalk about the democratic candidates, I'm going to take the polls at face value.

As I said before, it's a certainty that Obama will face attacks. Nobody should vote for Obama because they think he's attack-proof. Republicans have been trying to paint Democratic candidates as too liberal for at least the last forty years. Whatever slivers of scandal can be found will be blown up and repeated.

The idea that Obama hasn't been "vetted" only makes sense if you believe there are some major skeletons that nobody has heard about, which I don't. They will attack him with the stuff we've already heard. The nuclear thing, Rezko, inexperience, too liberal, lacking concrete ideas, et cetera. It's all in front of us. They will take these pieces and make nasty attack ads.

Clinton isn't avoiding bringing these things up because "[Obama's] fans don't want to know about it." That's absurd on the face of it, as Clinton is trying to capture the undecideds, not convert the Obama faithful. She's avoiding bringing these things up because mudslinging often backfires in primary campaigns.


I don't think they're trying to help Hillary. I think they are trying to keep the Dems divided. I think they are---or were---shit-scared of both candidates and they've decided to let them tear each other apart.


They're mostly just putting the crosshairs on whoever they think is the likely nominee. If that prolongs the nomination process, then, hey, bonus.


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