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February 09, 2008



There's no question that racism is the most taboo form of discrimination in this country. It's much easier to get away with sexism or misogyny than racism. The sort of sexism noted here deserves to be pointed out and criticized, exactly as Ms. Morgan does. That said, I don't think any of these comments, offensive though they are, are infecting the debate as a whole or turning anyone's vote. The most pernicious form of discrimination at play in this campaign is the quiet, subtle discrimination that happens behind the curtain in the ballot box. I think that form hits Obama and Clinton alike.

The "beat the Bitch" question was asked months ago, when Hillary was widely expected to cruise to the nomination. And of course, McCain himself didn't say it. Well, judge it for yourself - it's on tape:

McCain hardly comes off as a saint there, but it's a much more respectful response than Ms. Morgan leads you to believe.

At any rate, I think the Republicans are more shit-scared of losing than they are of any particular candidate. Hence Ann Coulter's pre-emptive sour grapes a few days back:

I also think that Coulter (and others like her who are denouncing McCain from the right) like the idea of being able to blame failure in Iraq on a Democrat who gets us out. It's much easier to claim "we were just about to win" than it is to defend an ongoing debacle.

Republicans have every reason to fear Hillary - she has a good chance of winning the general election. Of course, they have more reason to fear Obama, who polls consistently show is more likely to win, and whose policies are identical from the perspective of a mainline Republican.

TIV: The Individual Voice

I read it and posted it when a feminist friend emailed it and I found it hysterical, obssessive, and unreadable, as if none of the male candidates ever called eachother names. Everything was out of context. I strongly disagree that Hilary is a victim. If anyone has brought sex into the discussion, it has more to do with her family history than the media. That's just my opinion as a very feminist woman who chooses not to vote for this woman candidate because I don't think she is as qualified as Obama. Period. I discuss it on my blog on and off. Robin Morgan just gets my goat.

TIV: The Individual Voice

Here's a well written Obama post for you not to miss
Obsidian Wings: Obama: Actually, I Think We Can

And here's my post about how the election is about the war and Obama's anti-war speech as Hilary was voting for the war:

These are but a few reasons that I want out with the old and rotton ways of all previous administrations and in with the new, the grass roots, the bottom up government that we deserve. Obama is brilliant. He was editor of the Law Review at Harvard. He can speak polidy detail like a professor but I doesn't want to bore the people, he wants to inpire them. Any woman who sees this as an election about our genitals ha learned nothing from the last thirty years of feminism and is a victime of feminista thinking. Just my opinion.

TIV: The Individual Voice

Sorry for all the typos. Stirred up and tired. Bad combination.


Morgan is irate over the acceptance of gender-specific slurs. It IS appalling, at least to me. Others are free to remain un-appalled. But those who think the slurs aren't offensive SHOULD try imagining similar ones applied to Obama.

I would love to see Obama become president eight years or so.

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