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February 02, 2008



What is one to expect? It's amazing that here in the US we pay half of what the Europeans pay for their gas. We've put so many restrictions on refineries and drilling that, with the importing of 60% of gas and oil, it's a wonder we aren't paying 5 bucks a gallon today.

People forget that drilling for oil is a risk venture that requires substantial capital investment. The other thing they forget is that it's a worldwide commodity, subject to the laws of supply and demand.

Another reason for the price increase is the new smog ethanol additive to replace MTBE, I have read where there is still a shortage of it against demand. So why the big rush to E85 Polosi?

Windfall profits are like another form of price controls which has always resulted in shortages. Just ask the people of Venezuela who because of farm price controls are now suffering from food shortages.

Governement doesn't control wealth but, next to idiots, it sure can derail it!


Sorry, but I dont follow the logic.
Maybe I am a bit slow...

Could you explain briefly why it is that you need mandates to implement a no-preexisting conditions clause?

"You literally cannot have that rule without some mechanism forcing everyone to buy in, as the healthy will stay out."

This is just stated as obvious, then we go on to consider the consequences. But why does it follow? Why cant you have a rule that forbids exclusions for preexisting conditions. Period. What difference does it make if people are forced to buy in or not?
Once you do decide to buy in, the company has to accept you.


Maybe you ARE a bit slow, at that. Why not look it up for yourself? It will be educational for you to track down the criticisms of the plan by economist and progressive Paul Krugman, Ezra Klein, and many, many others. I am done answering passive-aggressive Obama supporters and defending my positions to them.

You clearly aren't asking me this because you have an open mind and want me to explain to you why Obama's health care plan is fatally flawed. You want to pick a fight and I am not interested in fighting.


Well, I don't understand either.
You actually strenthened Obama's plan. I think choice is always better - in any situation. Why would you need to force someone to participate in their own well-being? And can you really FORCE people to use physicans and dentists? You'll just be forcing an insurance company to get paid for a service that the uninterested wouldn't even use.
I think HIll's plan would dilute the quality of services and create an environemtn that will function like medicaid - and treat ALL people like the receiptients of government subsidized health care they would be.


Well, Erin, you say "government subsidized health plan" like it's a bad thing. My husband's relative in England would either be dead now or have bankrupted his family if not for exactly that thing. As it is, his kidney tumor was removed, he has survived, and he has been hospitalized for three months and he doesn't owe a thing. You may live to find that the 'choice' isn't a real one. If your child or spouse is dying, you WILL sell your house and your car and your life to save them, but what then? When my late husband (obviously not this one) was hospitalized after the aneurysm that killed him, the bill after insurance was over $20,000. Your arguments are only good for people who haven't had that happen to them....YET. Even Obama supporters are distressed over his health care plan.


Good healthcare starts with no smoke(ing) in the white house.


want another one-off scenario? how bout my mom would've died under hillary's plan because it would've taken about a year to get an MRI, which would've been too late. and if the healthcare in england is so great, then why did gwyneth and madonna come to america to have babies? i'll answer - madonna told gwyneth the hospitals in the UK were HORRIBLE. that's what hillary wants.

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