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February 26, 2008


B Merry

Great post. While cruising the blogs early this morning, saw a comment (true or someone wanting to seem important) that said the pic was either on BO's website/blog/forum (didn't write it down, but it was in the comments at Hot Air) as recently as last December. Besides, just exactly where would anyone from Hillary's campaign have found this? BO went to Kenya. Ofrah met up with him in Kenya (he turned down the airplane ride for some reason) and there were a gizillion photographers running around. I seriously doubt someone from Hillary's campaign had the prescience in 2006 to follow him around and snap a pic just so she could flash it to Drudge and drown out her own major stump speech. But, anything's possible, I guess.


The "silly season" is in full swing.

It seems plausible to me that a Clinton staffer leaked this after coming across it, particularly given the supposed caption. After all, the plagiarism accusation played well. But it's ultimately irrelevant who brought the picture to the forefront. This story is dead and gone already - a 24 hour bug. (At least until some scum-shoveling questioner brings it up at the debate, but that only gives it another day of life.)

What is relevant is the ongoing viral smear campaign against Obama - that he is a closet muslim and/or an unpatriotic muslim sympathizer. This angle will get used in the fall if Obama takes the nomination.

With that in mind, it's worth noting how Obama's campaign responded to this, with agressive indignation. Like it or not, this is the effective way to respond to silly attacks in the current political climate. You've posted before about how we don't know how Obama will stand up to attacks from the right. Well, between the plagiarism questions and this, we are getting an answer, and it's "pretty well".

Obama's response to other accusations have also been decisive:
Contrast this to Clinton's vote on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, or, of course, Iraq. Obama's campaign seems much more geared toward throwing accusations back in the face of the accusers, turning defense to offense.

Is there a media bias? I dunno. There's been plenty of negative press both ways lately, and this brief but noisy spat between campaign staffers doesn't prove anything.

But let's say there is. Here's the thing - straight-talking maverick war hero John McCain is as much of a media darling as Obama is. If Hillary is at a disadvantage due to the media inclination in the primary campaign, this is not going to change in the general campaign. Setting aside whether or not the media bias is fair (or real!), it brings us back to that old electability question.

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