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February 07, 2008



I, like you, favored Edwards, but being practical realized early on he didn't stand a chance against either Obama or Clinton. I've watched almost every debate and in the end this is what sealed it for me. Though Obama is eloquent and moving when he speaks, his performance in the debates leave me uninspired. Hilary understands policy, she argues remarkably well (even yes, stubbornly). This doesn't always come across as likable, but it does inspire in me a faith that she will fight for what she believes in and largely I stand with her on most of the issues. Obama faltered a lot in the earlier debates, I am also worried than in needing to retain his likability factor he will be unable to get down and dirty and fight for the things that I feel need to be fought for. Also, he doesn't show me he has the depth of policy knowledge that Clinton has. Yes, you can aruge that that is what advisors are for, but I am wary of a President who wins on likability and has adivsor's to see him through his term. Especailly against that boring policy wonk. Wasn't this the GWB argument?


Are you familiar with Harpr's magazine article
back in November 2006:

"Barack Obama Inc.:
The birth of a Washington machine"
by Ken Silverstein
PUBLISHED November 2006

Buck Naked Politics


no, I hadn't read that article. Thanks for posting the link!

Steve Graff

Despite your troubling details concerning Obama's soiled hands, all three major candidates maintain their purity against evidence to the contrary. I've bought into the allure thing, to some extent, and that's largely because I'm easily swayed by oratorically gifted populists. My pragmatic sense flies out the window. Yet I have to give credit to a candidate who can surround himself with the level of genius and cunning employed by the Obama campaign, that he is able to run circles and more circles around a seemingly dazed and confused old-hat Clinton campaign. I'm thinking--if they can run a national campaign this expertly, maybe they can solve some of our nation's major problems.

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