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January 02, 2008



Very interesting TT...there is a lot we do not know unfortunately...politics..

That Grrl

Followed from your post on another Thursday Thirteen. No real comment, I don't know much about US politics. Just came to visit.


Re #12, so would I. Happy TT. Thanks for stopping by.


Unresolved and will probably stay that way unfortunately. Something to think about with the coming elections.

Get to know me a little better this week with my Freaks and Geeks from I Read Banned Books edition.

Happy TT!


And to think ... this county elected Bush for a 2nd term after his dubious victory and blundering errors in his 1st term. One wonders if American voters have learned anything and if this time we'll do any better.
Hugs and blessings,


that was an outstanding list!!! exceptionally worthwhile read!
gave an awesome tt!

Hi-Tech Momma

I would like to know the answers to #3 and 4 myself. I had forgotten about a lot of these since they didn't stay in the limelight long. Thanks for the list.


This is the kind of list that makes you furious and breaks your heart. Thanks for pushing it to the fore front.


interesting list as always! Happy New Year!

Nicole Austin

What a list. Clerical error...right. I hate to imagine where all those weapons are.


Really great critique of things left to resolve in our political life...


Interesting list. #1 worries me.

Happy TT.


Again with the deep sighing...

Just don't know what to say about all of this anymore. Except that whomever we elect this year had better have their shite together to fix it or it's going to get even worse...


Great list. Not sure how much resolution you're likely to get on any of them until after the elections.


Phew! That sure is a lot of unresolved jobs to do for your government. Hope they resolved them for this year 2008.
Thanks for passing by.


Phew! That sure is a lot of unresolved jobs to do for your government. Hope they resolved them for this year 2008.
Thanks for passing by.

Brenda ND

Wow, your list gives me a lot to think/worry about.

Wacky Mommy

Good list, as always.

ellen b

I appreciate the fact that you keep up with all this sfuff that makes my head spin around! And I appreciate your comment on my blog about Ben Franklin. I'm sure, too, he broke most of his resolutions just like the rest of us....


I never fail to learn something new when I visit your TTs. Happy Thursday!


Which explains, in part, why the presidency in 2009 and beyond will be such a thankless, tedious and dangerous job. I just hope the person who wins it will be up to the task...

Happy TT and Happy 2008!

Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven

great list!

And I too, am curious, how one goes about misplacing nearly a 1/4 million weapons...



What a great list. I wish we'd find resolution to all of these things, but I fear we'll be lucky to get only a few resolved.

Chelle Y.

Hopefully, they will all get resolved this year. Wishful thinking, I know, but one can only hope and pray, right?

Happy 2008!


In the real world, "clerical errors" equivalent in scope get us fired and imprisoned. Happy TT!

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