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January 02, 2008



Oh my goodness. You are so right. I am disgusted with the government even more than usual. I am also tired of caucuses even though one hasn't happened yet. My idea: no declaring or ads until 60 days before election!!!!We need to make it an amnedment to the constitution. If course, Bush would ignore it too. Thanks for the great info!


I am concerned about all of these issues, most especially # 6 and 7. Thanks for visiting me and Have a Happy New Years.

Pamela Kramer

Great list! This must have taken a great deal of thought.

Mama Pajama

Great list! A good reminder! Thanks for stopping by!

Leslie Dicken

OMG, so much there! I'm ashamed to say that I often want to just stick my head in the sand and not worry about these things. I'm glad there are people like you who do, though!!

Thanks for visiting my T13 post!


*sigh* This is so discouraging! Thanks for helping to keep us informed!


Wow. That's a lot of serious, unresolved issues. I guess we have just as many here in the UK. Governments, eh? Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy TT!

megan & bad kitty cats

Exactly! Excellent list. There needs to be accountability and these are such valid and important queries. Answers would be good, but I am not holding my breath.

Rimbaud may look like an Angel, but a brat indeed! Fur pulling is his only grace. Here's hoping you have no new sutures in the future! Purrs from the Kitty Cats and Peace


That is one heck of a list. It boggles the mind really. I just don't understand how the powers that be can be so completely ineffectual.

Great TT!

And as far as Virtual Assistance (from your comment on my blog) - if your hubby ever seriously considers it, please tell him to come talk to me. There is a lack of the male perspective in the VA industry and I am sure he would compliment the feminine slant nicely. And in any case, it couldn't hurt to explore possible options.


Excellent questions, all. Would be nice to get answers in our lifetime, but like others, I'm not holding my breath, either.


Interesting list. I need to refresh my memory on some of those items. Thanks :)


That's a great list of questions about some very serious issues. I guess we can never expect the media to follow through on stories and tell us about outcomes and such. They're just interested in covering the hot topic of the moment so they'll get a maximum of viewers and readers. It mustn't be considered a "hot enough" topic to give people progress news after they're done covering the issue and moved on to something else. I'm Canadian so and not what you'd call all that informed about political matters, mostly because all of it inevitably depressed me. It seems like the guys don't take Democracy seriously a all. Even the election system itself can't be trusted, so who can?


sorry about all the typos. I'm hopeless!


Thank you for coming by to visit me!! I hope you return in the future. Very interesting Blog, and will be by to read more on what you share here;-))

Jeannene(Love Conquers All)


Hi! Very informative.Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting list. Most of that I didnt know.
Thanks for stopping by my list!


Quite a list! Serious stuff that needs to be solved, if possible...
Thanks for visiting my TT; sorry I'm this late in returning the favour!

Joy Renee

I've been following every one of these except #13 which is completely new to me. I used to read political blogs for hours every day but had to back off to a few times per week because these stories made me so frustrated, anxious and verging on despair. I admire you for your ability to collect and present the info in easily digestible packages.

i'm visiting this post two weeks late because you haven't put up a TT since and i'm just now getting around to returning visits i've owed since November. Thanx for your visits to Joystory. Sorry i was so lax. it's been manic these past couple months.

major kudos for the work you all do here.

i hope you haven't given up TT as that was when i made my visits to Bucknaked. if so i'll have to move your link into my political blog rotation.

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