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January 24, 2008



Nice job informing us of what we have to work with on the Republican side of the fence.

First, Huckabee continues to infer to evangelical listeners that he is a biggot over the Mormon question. Nice Constitutional litmus test. You failed!

Ron Paul proved he was a biggot years ago and the media remains silent. You must be too busy defending the honor of a black man or a women offended by politics. Hypocric media as expected.

McCain should change his name to McCamnisty or at the very least clear up how he still intends to offer amnesty to 12 million illegals after he secures the border. How can any rational thinker swallow his point about wanting to make the Tax cuts perminant and so he refused to vote for them because they were not going far enough and because we spend too much. Now he supports this stimulas package aka spending during an election cycle. Nice Job! No need to ask why McCain is personally broke? I make 55K a year and have 5 children. I have 10X more assets then this 30 year politician. I don't want this guy controlling the greatest ecomony on earth when I can do better at saving.

I think Rudy is a closet polyg with more wives then Brigham Young. Does it matter how he dishonored the sanctity of marriage aka commit adultry and destroy his family and home? Maybe it don't. Adultry must be acceptable, Bill made certain of that. Why don't someone talk to his kids? I love the fact that Rudy declares America should speak only English then he is making ads in Spainish. He is a true NY politician. Sleeze.

Three of these guys are millionares but only one is willing to put money into his campaign. They all ask for money but are afraid to put up. The only Republican willing is now being haranged by poor economic managers used to pending others peoples money and whine if they need to spend their own. What does that mean? They are not committed.

Romney has proven a better manager of econimics in this campaign alone by raising more money then anyone so he is ready to lead rather then beg for money from special interests. He certainly didn't spend it all in Florida. We have not even hit Super Tues. and all the others are tapped and begging.


Ask yourself one question... what would a Republican need to do to be elected Govenor in Ted Kennedy/John Kerry land? You make a deal with the folks that you won't mess with their gay rights or abortion laws. He kept his word to the folks. He still governed very conservatively. Check his record.

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