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January 16, 2008



THere are so many wrong things with this post it hard to know where to start.

First do you know the context of thhis remarks? It involved the human right amendment which is a part of the platform

Second , do you really think that Huckabee , who is a serious man , is plotting to get Baptist Theology into the US const which means he would have to have 2/3rds of the states to approve it.

Third, How can a man that is against prayer in public schools because he thinks the State should have no role be accused of being a theocrat?

Mike Huckabee was talking Evangelical talk to these people. Words they understand. If he was in front of a Catholic Audience he would talk using words like "culture of Life" and Natural Law.

Finally. Does any of this rethoric against Huckabee remind people what we Catholics went through. THe whole Catholics want to take over American and be ruled by the Pope. As a Former Evangelical the stuff I am seeing on the web tonight as to this issue just saddens me that they thing a considerable amount of their fellow Countrymen are kooks


I'm sorry you object, but I believe I made the context clear in the quoted material. And I don't care who he was talking to. He said what he said. It's a dangerous precept for him to be putting out there, and one to which I have extremely strong objections. I don't want to see the moral views of one group of Christians---with whom I have strong and equally biblically-based differences of opinions---written into law. And that goes for any amendment addressing gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, etc. etc. These are issues on which individuals, and not the state, should have the final say---in my opinion, of course. I imagine yours is different. And that's the beauty of a democracy.

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