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January 13, 2008


Greg Qualtheim

Hillary-baiting? Sad, no doubt, but I don't let her off the hook just because she's the worm. She's far too smart to have be caught off guard, to have not joined in the fray willingly, to have not baited Obama and Edwards herself. Kudos to her for pulling it off, but no sympathy.

tokyo ex-pat

I wonder how many older women want to see a female president in their lifetime. I can understand that. I'd like to see a women in the White House as well as a person of color. Ironically, I'm casting my ballot for Edwards in California. His message resonates with me in a way the other two don't. If they win the primary, I'll support them, but as long as he's in the race, he's got my vote.

Btw, on the Hillary slam. I wasn't as PO'd at Edwards. The day before (in NH), Hillary had gotten off a shot at the Edwards campaign just after they'd had their health care forum in which Nataline S.' (can't remember the spelling; the 17yr. old liver transplant case rejected by Cigna, then overturned only to die) parents stood up for Edwards. As a man who had also lost a child, I think Hillary's slam hit a sore spot. That on top of being on another 36 hour tour where he probably gets little sleep, made me a bit more forgiving for foot in mouth. He said at first no comment. Then segued into that statement. Many were ticked at him and still are, I think his policies are too important to hold hostage to one gaffe.

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