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January 05, 2008



The Bush deficits are terrible; his foreign policy is worse. His only positive notion in 2000 (a bit of sense regarding immigration) remains unpopular with most Republicans. He wants to give the pensions of the masses to brokers, and he has filled the judiciary with ideologues, ...

Yep, even Nixon would be a step towards the light from our current age of darkness. Nixon was better than either Bush, and Bush the elder (one of the worst and most mean-spirited US Presidents in history) was better than his spawn. Bush the younger may be the worst US President in history.

Back in 2004 it was possible to say that his lack of diplomacy combined with his imperial arrogance dug a hole that would require a half century to climb out of, and yet voters handed him a larger shovel and told to keep digging. The only step down from Bush that I can imagine would be the election of Mike Huckabee--whose potential nomination is the first scenario I can imagine that might induce me to support Hillary Clinton.

Of course almost any Democrat is better than almost any of the Republican candidates in the running today, but a bad Democrat in 2008 increases the likelihood that a worse Republican will follow. Let's keep George W. Bush's status secure as the worst President in history; let's not elect a Democrat that will provoke further lowering of standards for public office.


Wheeee~ I'm back here to visit. smiLes


This administration has been appalling from day one beginning with how it obtained the presidency to the lies told to us about 911 to subsidize a war they we have no business fighting. The deficit, the stupidity of the president, and all the other negatives surrounding the Bush administration leave most people I know cold. I agree that we have to be careful in 2008 so that we do not have a repeat of the last eight years.

D. Cupples


You make some darned good points!


I'm among the ranks of people who have been left feeling cold.

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