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December 05, 2007


nap warden

I'm gonna have to check out #9, I am so limited on my html/code. I almost died trying to install a third column...I did switch to allowing anyone to comment on my least I think I did;) Thanks for the list!


I most like the good-will approaches to linking. You list describes that kind of interaction. Great stuff. I'll be back.


Thanks, this is a very useful post for me!
My list shares 13 of my favourite animation movies.


Wow, now this was a useful post! I've been trying to figure out pingbacks and trackbacks for some time now. (I only now about the splog ones that I get...ugh)

Really good post and thanks again. Worth a couple of times to re-read.

Happy TT-13!


Candy Minx

What great advice!!! I didn't realize I need to update my Tt blogroll..I thought it occured automatically!!!Oh my god!!!

I hope I can figure out how to do that now...

I am very concerned with Technorati Rank as I have posted about in this :

Thanks a lot Buck Politics...for all the help...I am going to go do some of these things right now...

And here is my TT list:

Comedy Plus

Great advice. Most of it I'm already doing, but some I'm not. Have a great TT. :)

Milan - zzz

WOW Loads of great stuff. I'll surely check some of those.
Thanks and happy T13!


I will definitely have to remember this. I'm bookmarking this page. :-)

Happy TT:

Milan - zzz

Should I leave URL in the comment box? (sorry - blush)
If so here it is (if the previous post is sufficient please do erase this one):


ellen b

I think I understand some of this. I'm such a dweeb. thank you...


What a helpful 13! I think this will be a popular list.


Wow THANKS! What a useful post. I have never used trackbacks because I didn't understand it. Did I say Thanks. Great TT.

The Gal Herself

Great TT. You explained Technorati better than Technorati does! (Thanks for visiting my TT)


Brilliant post, as usual!


I must figure out this no-follow thing. I'm sure it's very simple, and I'm just being very dim. Great list though! I'm an avid stumbler; you always find such great stuff by stumbling!


I hadn't heard about backlinks for Blogger. I'll have to go investigate that. Thanks.


I'm sure many TTers will find this list useful. Happy TT.


I am not savvy when it comes to all this stuff, I am pretty generic as far as blogging goes, maybe you could write a how to for blogging dummies like me! Thanks for sharing.
I am up too


Thanks for these tips. When I have time later this month, I will look into some of the things that I haven't been doing.

No Nonsense girl

Thanks a lot for these tips! :)


Great advice!


Excellent blog post this week. Very useful and informative.

Secret Agent Mama

I always love posts like this because it makes me more familiar with bloggy stuff that I didn't know before! THANKS!! Mine's up, too. A fun one about your horoscope.

SJ Reidhead

Very good. Technorati and I are at war. I swear if you complain about them they are vindictive.


Crazy Working Mom

Thanks for the info! :)
Some of it I find very useful.

If you come see me (at blogspot) just leave your link in the actual comment box and it'll count for you b/c I'm do follow.

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