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December 20, 2007



I find it curious that our government can quickly provide video of an al-Qaida toture center; yet, it cannot find CIA waterboarding tapes.

D. Cupples

What an interesting observation!


'bodies uncovered in mass graves'? is this the m.o. of al-queda or 'terrorists'? burying bodies? 'rubber hoses and boxing gloves'? Those barbarians!!! there's some serious 'enhanced interrogations' going on here! 'ski-masks'? hmmm... wouldn't have to throw any tapes away!!! 'barbed-wire stretched outside a bunker'? copy-cats!!! they MUST of seen one of our 'free-speech zones'... OR, could of been from the images of the $485M KBR built 'imigration emergency' camps. All sarcasm aside... is this just 'the pot calling the kettle black'?

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