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December 19, 2007


Peter Calabria

You got it right on the numbers. Hucklebee is the chosen one and all the rest is political theater. Huckbee disses Bush. Rice disses Huckabee. Hucksterbee is, therefore, his very own man, not tied, even as a Baptist minister, to the Bush conservative agenda. Ahem. Tancredo is the first to drop out and subtly highlight Hucksterbee, but he won't be the last, so the game plan goes. Worse is the media collusion, both in the set up of these unprecedented and absurd two year presidential debates whose primary, if not exclusive, function was to imprint Hucksterbee on our already quite confused, if not totally brainwashed, minds and in the daily "wonderful Hucksterbee" editorial type articles that seem to pop near daily out of nowhere, on AP, CNN, FOX of course, and most of the other arms of our Western style PRAVDA. Check out our extreme understanding of conservative politics on matrix-evolutions. Dr. and Mrs. P. V. Calabria

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