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December 01, 2007



What a rat's nest of half-truths, distortions, unfounded suspicions and agenda-driven conclusions this piece is. Writing for the collective again I see. Even the BBC says that the Surge is working. Astounding was I believe the phrase they used just last week. And then there was this report from early November.

BBC report from Jim Muir ----

But we all know that the BBC is just a willing tool of the Bush Regime, do we not ?

You can write as many of these 'analyses' as you wish. Bush is going to Win his War in Iraq in 2008, and there is nothing that your heroes in the Democratic Party can do to prevent it. They can preen and prance and pander to the 'progressives' all they want, and Bush will still get exactly what he wants to finish his efforts there. They be nothing but his 'bitches'. Finally a role they can fill with at least a modicum of 'honor'.

Mr. Murtha is a senile porkmeister, and reported 'progress' because even he could not deny the on-the ground security situation in Iraq. After a reminder of the Party Line from her denseness he dutifully 'clarified' his remarks to reflect the current defeatist line. Namely that there is 'no political progress' and therefore the sky is still falling. We must RETREAT. RUN for your lives! Goalposts --- Meet Movers.

Didn't work when the War was going badly and it surely won't work now. The polls which the Dems live by are turning on them. Slowly but surely their perfidious 'strategy' is wrapping itself around their necks like that proverbial albatross. Your 'friends' have boxed themselves into a true cul-de-sac on this issue and as fast as they now run in circles, they still won't be able to escape. Doomed they are.

After all those years of shouting about QUAGMIRE, it must be satisfying on at least some level to have actually found one. Hope they enjoy the view.

As should you.

D. Cupples

We do agree on something: we both HOPE that the Iraq war will be won in 2008.

You seem to take it personally that I question a politician's credibility: Why? Are you related to President Bush?

If so, I didn't mean it personally. I just don't like his job performance. I'm not upset that you (apparently) do like his job performance. Where's the cause for unpleasantness here?

As for whether the surge is working, I HOPE IT IS -- but most of us Earth dwellers don't actually know for a fact, one way or another. All we can do is rely on what we hear from politicians, bureaucrats, the media and people we know in Iraq.

Frankly, I hear conflicting assessments, so I've chosen to simply accept that I don't know if the surge is working.

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