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December 12, 2007



If Kiriakou is not authorized to talk, why is he not in custody?

It's that simple question that is not answered.

It's entirely possible for CIA personnel to be furious at Kiriakou and also for him to be an agent of disinformation. Recall that the president has claimed absolute authority to declassify material, a power which he used to attack Joe Wilson. He could have contacted Kiriakou, told him that he was authorized to speak, and let him loose. Whether he is or is not an agent of disinformation is a matter of speculation, but the greater weight of evidence is at present more on the side that he is.

I do agree the public's attention span is short. What they will remember is Kiriakou saying that torture saved lives. A better propaganda coup for the Bush Administration could not be imagined.


Thanks for your comments, Damozel.

I'm the first to say that my suggestion that Kiriakou is an agent of disinformation is speculative. It's certainly true that the message he put out ties the president to the torture and also that once the message is out, it can spin differently than the disinformers desire. Hence the concept of blowback.

You might want to read the comment thread at the Larry Johnson threads for the comments of "Retired," who claims to be a former CIA field operative. He demurred at my suggestion that Kiriakou was a disinformation agent, but compared him to a fly cast perfectly out. In other words, someone who believes everything he is saying, yet is not there by his own initiative.

That's pretty much what I suspect. The storyline is just too perfect to be real.

Thomas Hampton

If waterboarding is done properly, it is absolutely an effective interrogation technique.

Here is an authentic demonstration -- believed to have been leaked by the military, or the agency:

Follow closely.

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