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December 17, 2007


J. Lynne

I'm terribly conflicted about this whole Taliban/Afghanistan thing now. I've just finished reading "The Looming Tower" and I guess I had thought back in 2001 that bin Laden was a member of the Taliban and that is why it was so important to invade Afghanistan. However, now as I understand it Al Qaeda and the Taliban are actually two different groups. The Taliban were the ruling group in Afghanistan and I do understand that they were a very strict Muslim group but they took over without bin Laden's help and in fact, he was only in that country because the U.S. put pressure on Sudan to exile him after he'd been exiled from Saudi Arabia. The Taliban were actually in control of Afghanistan with Saudia Arabia's financial backing and the Saudis asked them to keep bin Laden.

So, I've been mulling it over wondering why we invaded and destroyed a whole country that hadn't even recovered from the invasion by the Soviet Union and then a decade of civil war when what we really wanted was this little band of trouble makers in Tora Bora. And the band of trouble makers and it's leader got away but we are still fighting and getting beaten by the Taliban.

Afghanistan and Iraq really make me question the thought processes of those people making the strategies. It's clear to me that no one is thinking things through. At the very least, it seems we're going in with guns a'blazing and not bothering to do any preparation first like looking before we leap.

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