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December 15, 2007



Some evangelicals have twigged that they have been used, I tell you, most FOULLY used by CYNICAL and DEPRAVED politicians:

Republican candidates have learned how to "talk the language." They know that Christians are basically compassionate and trusting people, and therefore prone to being gullible and easily manipulated. They know that Christians have short memories and are desperate to be accepted at the king's table (largely a result of the church-growth movement and mega-church mentality).

It is at this point that much blame should be cast at the feet of the leaders of the so-called Religious Right. They have proven themselves to be much more interested in enriching their "ministries" (and themselves in the process) than they are in standing uncompromisingly for the truth. The infatuation with power and success has made them weak and vulnerable.

Or in other words: "It's not our fault we are stupid and gullible... we ARE Christians and are supposed to be trusting followers, just like the sheep Christ compared us with."

My response: "And you think when Jesus called you sheep, it was a complement?"

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