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December 13, 2007



I'm glad you are focusing on it--somebody needs to.

D. Cupples

Thanks. I just hope that more people focus on this issue and connect the dots. We taxpayers are losing a lot of money (and services) -- all based on 20-year-old myths.


Good coverage of the bottomless pit of government waste. Federal, Sate, Local, they all need a good scrubbin'(MILITARY COUP).
Whenever you hear anyone say the government couldn't be as effient, recall this - It is MORE EFFICIENT IF ONLY 1 PERSON GETS WEALTHY FROM THE PROJECT - NOT IF WE SHARE IT WITH OUR FELLOW AMERICANS. It all makes sense then.
We should NATIONALIZE KBR, Blackwater and the like and give ALL ownership to the SSA and let our retirees and veterans get a piece of the action as the war profits mount on the bodies of their dead sons and daughters. As it is now, profits are going to relocate wealthy Americans to overseas places like Dubai ( Isn't that where HAL's CEO is going?) where money is welcome and humanity is not.
And 1 final jibe - why use government troops to fight the war if they are not efficient? Why not hire an entirely efficient private army? OOHH I guess private investors don't want to pay for everything heh? best lay it all off on taxpayers, quietly. Thats profit baby. Then cry force majeur when the folks around you get angry. - I think all amercians should go show the taxman their empty pockets and tell Uncle Scam to ask Richie Rich for the money he stole from us, and leave us alone instead.

D. Cupples


Well said! Naturally, I agree with you.

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