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December 13, 2007



In an added twist -

One of the charges being levelled at Jamie Leigh Jones by prospective "debunkers" is that she alleges she was held under armed guard by KBR but KBR doesn't have it's own armed security.

They're correct. KBR is meant to get all its security details from the US military...but KBR is under a cloud because it might have to pay back $400 million because it sub-contracted other companies to provide it with private armed guards anyway. The Army has admitted that KBR did this in violation of its contract already.

Can you guess who the biggest contractor to provide armed guards for KBR is?

I'll give you a hint. It begins with "B" and ends with "water".

Of course, the wingnuts will claim this just makes it even more perfect, so it must be a set-up...somehow we lefties infiltrated KBR and made them hire private gunslinging thugs.

Regards, C

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