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December 03, 2007


On a Limb with Claudia

I don't know. Chavez is the only oil producing head of government that doesn't bow down to Bush. I take all the news about him and what's going on there with a grain of salt. I mean really. Don't you think there's a count down to invade Venezuela for oil?

Who knows? Maybe THEY have the missing arms.... or weapons of mass destruction.... or something...


FDR would be very surprised to hear that it's dictatorial to get elected for more than two terms. Likewise John Howard of Australia and Margaret Thatcher.

I did not support the constitutional reforms, but the issue of removing term limits was not one of them. Rather, it was the fact that most of the important changes could have been accomplished by statute. Now that the constitutional reform avenue is blocked, that's how they will be done.

And who knows? If the changes are popular, Chavez may re-submit the term limits issue a couple of years from now.

D. Cupples

I don't have an opinion on this issue, because I haven't researched it.

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