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December 27, 2007



Damozel --- Thanks for the link and very kind words --- everything that I wrote in the linked post is at this point pure speculation, so take it with a mountain of salt.


Michael van der Galien

"Other than that---besides having a go at Bill Richardson---he doesn't say anything that won't have crossed your mind if you have been following the situation. But of course at this stage there isn't a whole lot else anyone can say."

Thanks for the link and... yeah, there really isn't much any one can say right now. We can speculate but I don't see how that's useful for readers.

Good round-up.

On a Limb with Claudia

I cried when I saw this. You were right. And it is so very very sad. I suppose there's a martyr now. But her poor children... her poor people... I feel the tears press. There's a photo at MSN of her, her father and Indura Ghandi - all assassinated. How sad.

damozel. admin.

As quoted by Michael van der Galien, my note on his piece sounds a bit ill-natured. I didn't intend it to be. I think that other than the obvious, anything at all---as Fester points out---that one can say can only be speculative. (PS. I agree with MvdG about Richardson's bizarre comments.)

It IS very sad, as Claudia says. I'm not surprised though---which is also very sad.


An interesting sidelight, Damozel. The quotes I supplied were in the NYT version on the Truthout site. When I went to the NYT site, they were gone. Scrubbed.

I want to point out something. People accuse Bhutto of being corrupt. (a) She was never convicted of anything, (b) Her accusers were people like Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf, both of whom have also been accused of corruption, and (c) There are different standards for probity in Pakistan that in the US. In the US, it's evidently fine to dispense favors amounting to tens or hundreds of billions of dollars to political donors and business cronies, while using one's position in government to fix the pothole in front of a relative's home is a major crime. In Pakistan, the reverse used to be true, though Musharraf has managed to legalize everything and anything.

I think that the attacks on Bhutto now that she's dead are tasteless, and very likely wrong.


Update: The Bhutto article in its uncut ugliness is still available at the IHT


And a final update. I have done a piece titled Who Was Benazir Bhutto?

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