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December 23, 2007



The tragedy is that the Ayatollah appears to have been open recently to making official peace but, he says, that now is not the right time. I'm not quite sure why, but I disagree, as Iraq's leader, Maliki, is a moderate Shiite, which should lend itself to natural stabilization, at least over time.

But the Ayatollah also claims to have made a deal with Washington in 2003 regarding rhe nuclear program, the terms of which he claims Washington reneged on, which is the reason why it restarted. The problem with the nuclear program is that it's not a domestic Iranian issue, but one that's governed by international law and could threaten American troops on Iraqi soil, perhaps not entirely legally.

The other issue with the Iranian nuclear program, which we might call the Russo-Iranian program is the Chechen rebels. If Russia remits from INF with Chechnya a Russian federal state, as Boris Yeltsin argued when he attacked Grozny in 1994, and Iran is to ship uranium to Russia, which may have been a part of the 2003 deal that Iran claims to have made with Washington, the question might be about whether the Chechens could legally possess short to intermediate range nuclear weapons which might even be conceived by some in the international community to be a deterrent to Grozny III.

In other words, what could Russia possibly have in mind when it threatens to pull out of INF and wants to renegotiate adapted CFE ?

The problem with the Russo-Iranian nuclear program has less to do with Iran than it does with Russia, which twice decimated Grozny at a level that approached Hiroshima and Nagasaki, wiping out half of its population and may now be implicating Iran in yet another round of Grosnian genocide by inducing Iran to ship uranium over which Iran will lose control once it crosses Russian borders.

D. Cupples

Amazing details! Thanks for dropping by and sharing them.

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