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November 04, 2007



Can an activity that is deemed torture really be torture if reporters volunteer to have it done to them? Reporters did volunteer--I watched the segment on the news. No reporter volunteers to be starved for a month, gang raped, burned or beaten. Those are torture. So again, who volunteers to be tortured?


I will grant you that the reporter called it torture, but Americans have the habit of turning everything into a major deal. Before you go ballistic over that comment, consider how many degrees of sexual assault exist. Patting a butt is not the same as forceable rape. Lumping them all together drags everything down or up, depending on your world view. Individuals in other countries understand fully what torture truly is and are not afraid to use it. I did not see the reporter volunteering to be captured by an Islamic rebel and see if what they do is really torture. That being said, I do agree that torture is rarely successful and using it is very short sighted. I would rather see people focus on the uselessness of the torture, rather than what constitutes "real torture". Watch a program on the torture used in the Dark Ages. THAT was torture and it was extremely cruel. I am not really into blogging, etc, so you folks can hash this over and I will return to my daily grind.

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