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November 07, 2007



I am a Democratic Party member and I think Dershowitz may be onto something:

How about Democratic Party Candidates pledging that they are "personally against the use of torture" but because they are all Big He Men, they want to see the USA use torture all the time and everywhere, even on innocent people.

That way America will know Democrats are tough son of a guns!

Torture: It's not just for Nazis anymore! In fact, all the cool kids are doing it!


If you want to know about real torture, ask tibetans who have been guests in Chinese prisons, where a cattle prod has been inserted in their mouth, and other orifaces, and are now toothless.
Waterboarding is not torture, does not hurt, causes no permanent damage, and is just fine for Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
No wonder that Alquida voted straight Democrat.

cockney robin

Sorry; which election was that where AQI voted "straight Democratic"? Heh. *Someone* is listening to a bit too much 'Talk Radio.'

Our position is: what's good enough for the baddies to use ISN'T good enough for the US to use. That there are other and more painful methods than waterboarding used by some regimes isn't really germane.

We'd humbly submit that a method which the now attorney general of the US called in his testimony before Congress "morally repugnant" (and which a number of US interrogators claim isn't the most effective means of getting information) shouldn't be used, end of.

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