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November 14, 2007


Open Grove Claudia

How delightful and moving! What a joy to look at! As always your TT's are truly soul inspiring.


I love #4,5, & 7

Happy TT!


Awesome photos!!

Natalie/BoSox Mommy

Those are some great photos! :)

My TT is up at

Carrie Lofty

That last one in South Africa hardly looks like Earth. More like the moon, the colors are so odd.


Those are breath taking shots.

I almost didn't comment because of the protester one. I try to not let stuff like that bother me, but some days it does.


Ok, the "Table Bay Sunset" just blew my mind!! It is incredible!! I wish I could capture something so vivid with my camera!!


Wow, incredible, incredible photos!

Thank you for sharing these.

Happy TT!

Digital Frenzy

I have not heard of the photographer Greg Kendall-Ball but i have seen some of his work. My favorite photo is #4"Tethered Angel".They are hreat photographs and i am glad that you shared them with us! Thanks for visiting and bookmarking my blog:0) I will definatley be back to visit yours.


Hey, nice photos from your friend! I'll have to keep an eye on his flickr site. Have a great weekend; just returning a visit to my site

Michellet at Scribbit

What a photographer, he's really amazing.


The South African sunset is gorgeous. And the photos as a whole are both soul soaring and thought-provoking.

Thank you for sharing them.



Fabulous collection of photos! I really like the sunrises and sunsets. Just gorgeous!


I love these photos! :)


Awsome photos. I'd have to say that "Protest" and "West Texas" are my faves though. I grew up in west Texas :D

Nicole Austin

Incredible! I especially love the sunrises and sunsets.


Just beautiful. Protest is the best.

Matthew James Didier

Wow. Those are spectacular!


these are gorgeous.


Powerful! Happy belated TT and thank you so much for stopping by!


I loved #'s 7, 8 & 13, but they were all great photo's. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for visiting my TT.

Nap Warden

Wonderful pictures! I really love the landscapes, stunning!


These photos are astonishing! I liked the "Tethered Angel" and the "Table Bay Sunset" the best.


demozel, My TT is at Answers to the Questions. Just click my name above.
Thanks for dropping by my other blog: Work of the Poet


Wow, what a wonderful photo collection. I will have to keep an eye out for more of hos work. Thanks for sharing and your visit.


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