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November 14, 2007



Wow, those are awesome shots, and I do agree with you about the colour scheme. I love #7 particularly, but they are all great. Happy TT.

Melonie (

These are great photos - amazing choices. I think my favorite is the floor pattern shot. The photo itself is art - the floor is art. Love it.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment at Workerette on the organization post. You have a great point about all that paper! Organizing systems and products are all for naught if the person who has them doesn't choose to use them. I'm the opposite of you - my computer files are probably atrocious, but my paper ones are immaculate. *chuckle* I am also the sort to prefer paper books over e-books. (Which I have, but can't find, due to the previous point. haha)


An awesome photographic essay. A glimpse here, a look there. A walk through the mind of what catches the eye of a single photographer. Thank you for bringing this artist to us, and that him for being willing to share.


J. Lynne

Thanks for sharing these. I have to add some of them to my flickr favorites so they'll show up on my slickr screensaver.

Tiffany Aller

I love these photographs - I especially love the one of the Grand Canyon at sunrise - breathtaking! Great theme for your TT - thank you for sharing!!! I enjoyed the remainder of your site as well and will be back again for more visits! :-)

Audra Marie

Wow - amazing photos. I love photography. What a terrific TT. Thanks for visiting mine on My Meandering Mind and I'm so glad you like a dash of sassitude. :)

Veronica Arch

Wow. Amazing. I love "Donations", "Protest" and the West Texas fence the best but they are all wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


Love the photo essay. I think the first one is my favorite.


I love the pix of the sunrises and sunsets!


Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing!


These are all just breathtaking, and you're right - the presentation is perfect. I think Tethered Angel is my favorite, but it's difficult to choose.


These are all just breathtaking, and you're right - the presentation is perfect. I think Tethered Angel is my favorite, but it's difficult to choose.


Scrolling through the selections gave me some ideas for shots I might take as well. Thanks for the inspiration and I'll see you next Thursday.

Paisley Scott

Beautiful, poignant pictures. Thanks to Greg Kendall-Ball for letting you share them with us!


Just one word.... WOW!!! What an amzing pictures! Thanks for visiting my black panther TT. I'm very late with my return visit, but I'm glad I saw these pics. Again... WOW!!!

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Please pardon my late visit. Thanks for sharing these outstanding photos. Each one suggests a great story behind it. Very interesting.

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