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November 16, 2007



With regard to MercRising, that's a very gracious post, Damozel. And a very touching one as regards your own experience. When we are able to see ourselves in the other, we gain much wisdom.


Wow. What a tragedy. I watched the video and I have to say, I'm very upset by the way the police acted once this many was unconscious. They just seemed to be walking around like it was no big deal. It's very scary to think that a person could receive this kind of treatment. Imagine how this poor guy felt. He spoke no English, had been flying for many, many hours, was lost, and could get no help. I think I would become irate also...only I would have behaved alot worse!

J. Lynne

There was a story a week or two ago about two officers tasering an 80 year-old woman with a mental illness. Apparently social services had called because she was acting erratically. The officers entered the house and tasered her without trying any other method to subdue her. I believe she suffered some sort of injury and their excuse was that they believed their lives were in danger.

If these were guns, they absolutely would not be allowed to shoot first and deal with the consequences later. I think too many law enforcement personnel are given these tasers without any kind of restriction training or guidelines so they are lazily resorting to them for everything rather than deal with situations themselves.

P.S. I completely can relate to your airport experience. Two years ago, coming back from my grandmother's funeral in Florida I had a similar experience except my flight was canceled after I'd flown one leg of the journey. After 10 uncomfortable, miserable hours in the Atlanta airport and having a second flight canceled as I was two feet from boarding it, I had a similar emotional melt down when they stoically told me it would be days before I could go home. I did in fact make it home that night.

Odvelt O Augustin Jr.

Man look the police is brain wash it did not take all them two take him down the only reason they did that because they are train that way and you would think if they were train the right way knowing that if someone is not arm with nothing that they could easylyput him in cuff but they wanna ack like little kids and try out they new toy well if I was one of them officers I would of communicated with the man find out the problem he was gone behave im smart like that his only one man I took down men bigger than me and I did noy kill them
Thats just only one man one man not no beast
thank for your time JESUS love you and SO DO I

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