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November 02, 2007



Thanks for the quote!

Just read this today, apparently the DoJ officer replacing Goldsmith got a first hand demo and was a little more clear on the issue afterward:

Michael McGarvey

I really don't understand how anyone, conservative or liberal, can defend this president or his administration anymore. The policies and actions they have put forth are completely immoral, unconstitutional and just plain bad for everyone.

They spy on people, torture people, deny congressional oversight, spend money like the Weimar Republic and, at the same time, enrich themselves and their friends in such a fashion that it makes Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall crowd look like complete pikers. Not to even mention all of the American men and women killed, maimed or wounded in this quagmire of a war they have unjustifiably given birth to.

I don't get it. How can anyone with the ability to critically think about these issues support these people?

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