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November 05, 2007


Candy Minx

These are all tough questions and no wonder so many people are filled with seems difficult to know what is going on.

On a slightly different note but it that the Iranian people do not want war, do not want to attack America...and most of them feel that the leader is a complete jackass. The reason he was brought into power was because Iran has a lot of corruption...paying off politicians etc, sort of like New Orleans, Chicago and other big international cities.

So the people wanted corruption stopped and that is how he got elected, he was kind of like Rudy Guliiani in the 90's NY. Meanwhile... power plays were supported by other countries to help him get elected and now there is a force to encourage a blending of faith and state something Iran has fought to not encourage...dominant cnations are sending money to Islamic groups who oppose this leader in Iran...

It is not easy for me to describe, I shall try to find some reading material that relates to this...but it is very tricky indeed. All is not what the newspapers promote about Iran...they are a surprisingly tolerant country and although they do not want to live just like America...they also do not want to fight America...although all the press regarding their leaders visit to Columbia a few weeks ago(the media and his speech about homosexuals etc)...the coverage and laughter began to isolate many citizens and take his side...because they did not like being laughed at by Americans.

Most of the countries in Middle East enjoy many things about American culture and products...but want to have their own way of government. They don't want to be told how to live and that is where the threat comes in feeling they have to defend their own beliefs and way of economies.

anyways interesting stuff...sorry to ramble...

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