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October 08, 2007



Great picture, C.

The simple answer to people who think life was great under Reagan was, "Yeah, and it only cost $2 Trillion to do it."

The Crux

You're too funny -- and you get an A for conciseness.


We might as well laugh at the 'wingers. How can one take them seriously anymore? I've tracked down too many urban legends, debunked too many flaming lies, and put up with too much general snottiness to want to put much energy into slapping them down.

The latest rightwing smear campaign is against the family of Graehme Frost, the kid who, along with his sister, was in an accident and was hurt so badly that he was in a coma. He gave the Democratic response to the SCHIP veto. So now the right-wingers are denouncing his family for being too affluent to deserve medical insurance.

This is the real fruit of Reaganism: people with no conscience at all.

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