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October 10, 2007



this makes my blood boil.

you guys might enjoy my tt this week!


Goodness! Very well researched TT!

Thanks for the visit. :)


Happy Thursday Thirteen, and thank you so much for stopping by!

J. Lynne

When I travel, it always ends up costing me more than my company will dish out, I'm hoarding those little peanuts I get on the flight to be one of my meals because I get so little to buy meals and then there's these guys who are just bleeding the government budget dry. No wonder there's no money for Katrina survivors, SChip, and Social Security.

I wrote a similar post about DOJ conference spending last month:

Anyway, Happy TT!


Wow, what a waste! As always, a very informative TT

Thanks for visiting my list.


Politics are so frickin depressing. Oye.


This waste doesn't bother me as some of the other ways our government is wasting money -- I thinking especially of the mess in Iraq.

Happy TT.


Considering all I wanted to do this year was try to afford to travel the 200 miles to Springfield Illinois to the Lincoln Library, this gave me the shivers!! You should have posted this for your Halloween TT -- it would scare everyone!!
Great post!


Our government is one big corruptive mess. Ever watch Glen Beck? Though I am a Liberal I also teeter on the fence with a lot of issues.

I really like Becks straight up manner in telling us the things mainstream news doesn't tell us. I do not always agree with him but I keep an open mind.

Great T13 and a very informative blog. Good job.

Thanks for stopping by my T13.


Well, I do like knowing I'm providing nice, cushy airline seats for my Congressmen. They can rest their brains comfortably that way.


Talk about informative! That was quite a read ya got there. Always interesting though.

Open Grove Claudia

It's unbelievable given that the United States has shuttle planes in the air to almost every country in the world all the time. (shaking my head)

Mark Caldwell

I knew a consultant who was brought into a failing company to turn it around. They had similar rules for transport authroisation but no one paid attention. He got the board to make a small alteration making the staff member liable for the difference if the rules were broken. The first person caught out was a company director. After that everyone was a lot more careful. Maybe a similar system would work for your government?


Oh this just makes me mad... Such a waste!


I don't know what to say except (again) you have educated me. That is why I show up every week!!!!

Happy TT

Blue Momma

Damn. I need a government job!


Thank you for stopping by..have a great weekend!


How can I get in on this. I want to travel premium too. Heck, I just want to travel at someone else's expense. I am sure it isn't much different in Canada.


*just shakes head* But somehow I am not surprised. Thanks for stopping by! How can you not love Bush in his crocs or because of the intelligence he spews? Happy 13!


Wow. It just makes ya want to say grrrr

Thanks for the comment on my 13 favorite animals


And yet another example of "this is exactly the same as in Germany".
I don't even want to know how much money our politicians blow on first class travel. I also don't know if there even are any regulations on this, but I can dimly remember that we had some kind of scandal a while back when one of them apparently commandeered an army airplane for a personal holiday journey. Which, I have to admit, sounded like fun to me. ;)


Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT last week. I've been away for the weekend, so I'm very late to return the favour!

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