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October 17, 2007


SJ Reidhead

Very good. Sounds like much of my Pink Flamingo piece yesterday.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

SJ Reidhead

Very good. Sounds like much of my Pink Flamingo piece yesterday.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

Jenny McB

I saw the Clarence interview on 60 minutes and I was not impressed. I can see why the rest of the justices would not be happy.

Thanks for the updates.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Yeah, it's been a scary week. And is Ann Coulter getting desperate or something? Sheesh.

Nicole Austin

As always, great and informative list. Some of those rumors are surprising.


Ann Coulter needs a good meal. Maybe W can help her out.


Ann Coulter is an ass....enough said. Happy TT and thanks for the info:)


I finally knew most of these on your list. Although when I heard #1, I just couldn't quite believe it.


Wow. 9 errors? Happy TT!


Great list. :-)

I think the thing about Rush is HiLaRiOuS!

No Nonsense girl

Great list!!!! Mine's up!

Adelle Laudan

Great list. Shaking head at Anne Coulter LOL

Happy T13!


Nice List, very interesting
I thought the apparition of the Pope was pretty amazing and for me more confirmation that their is life after death. Or a very sly devil making us believe that. But I would hope that is not the case. Thanks

Gabriella Hewitt

Terrific list. In my other life, I'm a political junkie. I'm going to have to bookmark your site so I can come back. As to Ann Coulter, the less said the better.


Love it every time I visit. I know I am going to find something new and tasty and I have yet to be disappointed.


I just started reading the Huffington Post because I read Arianna's book "Fearless" which is just great. I noticed #3 about Imus was via Huf.
Great list and so interesting as always!! Happy TT!


I still haven't figured out Ann Coulter's angle. Every time she opens her mouth it's like watching a dramatic version of the Colbert Report. Perhaps she's been in character all this time and just forgot to let the rest of us in on the joke...



#1 slays me. I love that Lynne Cheney dug that up.


Great list. Ann Coulter is insane. We can only hope it is all just a big attention getting device.


I consider myself conservative and Republican, but even I think Ann Coulter is going way overboard! That woman needs to slow a bit down...

And I missed that bit on JPII...hmm. An apparition? Interesting.

Happy Thursday!


Keith Olbermann has it right when he calls Ann Coulter 'Coultergeist'!

Great TT list!

Mine's here:


Ann Coulter is HOT!! Good list...


What is up with Ann Coulter!?!?! Geesh!! Great list!!!


It's been a strange week. Happy TT.

The Gal Herself

Is it me, or is Ann Coulter starting to veer off the tracks, ala Britney Spears? Perhaps like Britney, all the peroxide has gotten to her brain. Love the gossip! To borrow a phrase, I'm such a political junkie that I think J Lo is Joe Lockhart, so I thought this was great.

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