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October 08, 2007



It gives me hope to see some in the
Republican party calling for a more moderate approach to politics. What happened to the great tradition of statesmanship and diplomacy that once characterized this country? Time was when citizens could take pride in our political system because our politicians put real important issues and people first and knew that one of the hallmarks of democracy is statesmanship - that is the process of making decisions by debate, compromise and reconciliation - What is achieved by such methods? - BALANCE - and its appears to be utterly gone from our political system.

Our political system is now like a scale - whichever of the two parties has the most votes rules with impunity - and as soon as the pendulum swings the scale falls with a sudden thud to the other side. So what do we get - the politics of extremism. We vaccilate from one extreme to the other while our politicians duke it out pandering to the most extreme interests of their parties - figuring - that without them they have no chance of winning anyway. It's a no holds barred - duke it out - fight to destroy the other side. Many if not most votes are along party lines - you have to ask yourself if these politicians and their constituents' opinions really line up so perfectly along party lines. Sad thing is - average American's go unrepresented, or at least they are not represented as well as those living at the extremes. It's time to end the potlics of exclusion and extreme partisanship - and for civility to return to the halls of Congress. Surprisingly, when GW Bush was Governor of Texas he was known for bridging the gaps and bringing people together - can that be said of the state of affairs in D.C. today? I urge moderate Republicans to sign the letter. You will be surprised at the number of those who may not be as vocal as the extremists, but who lie silently awaiting a return to civility and a rebirth of statesmanship. Sign Today !!

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