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October 16, 2007



"I thought that Popes were just one step down from You-Know-Who."
Lord Voldemort? :)

Seriously, though...Catholics are just unbelievable when it comes to their fast-and-furious designation of miracles. I always thought that, by default, miracles didn't happen often. But, between the tortillas, the wood grained doors, and now camp fires, the miracles just keep piling up. ;)

No Nonsense girl

As a practicing but moderate/rational catholic, I have to say I don't believe that type of things. Not more than the bleeding statues or the apparition of the virgin Mary everwhere. I'm a skeptic. :)

No Nonsense girl


You should say the catholic church, because not all catholic believe in this. :)


Man, aren't religious people funny! All I see in this picture are flames that form a vaguely human shape. Besides, if this is supposed to be the Pope waving, it would appear to me that his arm is chopped off at the elbow...
Personally, this interpretation of a purely coincidental figuration of flames, which as you rightly pointed out, have probably only occured for a split second, makes me wonder more about the people who "saw" the pope in it. I mean: he appeared in a bonfire. Isn't that just a little bit strange? Does that mean, those people subconsciously believe the pope ought to burn in hell? Also, the only connection between catholics and bonfires that springs to my mind is their penchant for burning witches and heretics at the stake. So, if the pope appears in a bonfire, to me that opens all kinds of possibilities for interpretation - none of them too flattering for the guy. :)
Besides, I had really hoped that we were out of the Middle Ages by now and that even people who still believe in a fairytale like the bible would have grown up enough to have some notion of what is happening in the real world. Looks like I was overly optimistic again. *sigh*


Do you know, Nicholas, if people really want to see something, they will, and no amount of rational intervention will sway their conviction. I do like the thought of your Auntie turning up in Poland, though ;-)

Wylie Kinson

Now me? I saw Liz Taylor waving to fans wearing a muumuu.
Does that mean I have to build a church in her honor??

It always stuns me how gullible 'believers' are. Thanks for turning something that made me shake my head in disbelieving disgust into something I can laugh about.


Awesome post!!!

Rock on, baby.


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