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October 20, 2007



Pelosi should apologize for terming it "inappropriate." Good grief, you'd think that Washington was a politics-free zone from the prim harpies that have gone after Stark.

The Crux

It's pretty crazy: all those hard-ball players acting like Victorian ladies at a tea party. Break out the smelling salts!


Everything Stark said is true. It's time someone in Congress stands up and expresses how most of the country feels. All these calls for censure, (and the subsequent pathetic apologies from the democrats), show just how out of touch our 'elected officials' are with the public. Stark needs to be applauded for his candor, not scorned by a bunch of 'chickenhawks' and their 'democratic' enablers. I, too, have no respect for this idiot-in-chief. Not many do anymore. And as the bodies pile higher in the desert, with no apparent objective or foreseeable end to the madness, it's hard not to see that indeed, with his corporate cronies raking it in and his empty-headed rheotoric, this 'president' could not be happier with the way things are going in Iraq. Check his last press conference-check out his blatantly evasive 'answers'. And check the ever-present smirk, now more annoying (and alarming) than ever. Looks like a man amused to me....

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