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October 25, 2007


J. Lynne

"I, for example, picture Paul's America as America in the time of Hoover."

Just yesterday I commented to someone that Paul's campaign sounded like he wanted to put the state of the U.S. back the way it was before Lincoln and the Republicans ever got in office.

I hadn't heard about this RedState ban. Probably because I don't follow any of the "big" blogs; they're all just a bit to snobby for me. However, I must admit, I kind of like the bit of irony and karma about this since every time I've ever gotten into a political discussion on any non-political forum, the Republicans have spammed the heck out of the conversation, usually with rhetoric and name-calling and every once in a while it's nice to see them get some of their own...from some of their own.

I always think of that scene in Galaxy Quest with the little green creatures on the planet that turn on the injured one whenever the Republicans turn on one of their own.


Sensible advice for the anti-Paulites. I wonder if they'll take it? If you really want to garner support for any other republican candidate nominee, don't dis, dismiss, or deride the Paulites---yes, and get that scary, fanatical, war-hawk glow out of your eyes. Ordinary Americans aren't looking for an icon(eg "America's Mayor"); we just want to get on with our lives without having to worry about what the president will get up to next to make them harder, poorer, and more complicated like the non-Pauls are all talking about doing.


Ha! Well-said, if I do say so myself. But you guys fight it out amongst yourselves. I'll be standing over here on the left.


Yes perhaps it's time for the "Paulites" to stop giving traffic to closed minded sites. Save your hits for positive pursuits, like your favorite Ron Paul Song or Video. Red State is seeing Red because the Neo-Cons are being exposed for the Socialists spenders and One World Order guys they are, OH well, I'm pretty sure most Paul supporters know they will be ridiculed by mental midgets all over the place. What difference? The publicity of being banned and badmouthed WILL work, it shows the petty nature of the others and drives Nice Rational people to the cause. The level of spirit and commitment by Ron Paul supporters can't even be bought by other campaigns. People want to know why.


"Mental midgets" sort of illustrates my point....For Paul's supporters to make themselves unpleasant to the opposition isn't going to do him a bit of good. Nice Rational people who Beg to Differ don't appreciate having their intelligence insulted.

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