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October 03, 2007



thanks for the ideas! happy tt!

Denise Patrick

I don't have any idea what you're talking about. I'm such a techno-idiot, I'm lucky I can handle a blog.

Thanks for visiting my TT!


I need this but I know I don't quite 'get it' all


Great list.
Wordpress users also have tons of plug-ins they can use for social bookmarking.

And I'm a big fan of DoFollow - all comments left in my blog give you linkjuice.

SJ Reidhead

Thanks, I needed that. Great list.


Good info here, thanks! I manually add links for now, but I'll be checking out Mr. Linky.


I'm not too up on how to do this whole computer stuff so so of this I understood and the rest was like, UMMmm don't get that..
but it was very interesting.. I still don't have a clue if my blog is doing what you like or not though LOL, and I'm sure I wouldn't have any idea how to make it this way either..

Great T13

Secret Agent Mama

I'm new to the public blogosphere! I hope I'm doing the U Commment/I Follow correctly. I do think I'm going to take your advice about putting all my commenters names in my original post, though!

Great TT, very informative!! Great job!!


I love comments. Thanks for the valuable info.

Angela at mommy bytes

Hey thanks for the mention on the I Follow. Also great reminder on the Mr. Linkies convert to HTML. I turned the reminder option off early on because it bugged me, but just turned it back on and will go back to my posts and convert.


Hiya! Thanks for the informative post. Mister Linky's magical widgets are great! :)


Excellent post! Thanks for all the wonderful tips. And thanks for visiting my TT! :-)


I've been a U comment/ I follow blog for a very long, long time. If there weren't PermaLinkies I likely wouldn't be using the service and I'm glad that you reassured me that it does work. I'm sometimes a bit of a skeptic.

And yes, you're right...the TT banner does certainly match your site. Maybe one day you'll be able to share the link love and use one created by *ahem* somebody else ;D

Thanks for visiting my list today and for your comment. This was a very useful post.


great post. thanks.


That sounds all very complicated to me, lol ! I blog for fun and not for business. People read me or not I don't care. I can't force them. What I don't like that a lot of people where I commented don't feel it necessary to make a return comment. And then there are those who take themselves for the godess of the blogworld they have become a sort of "Queen". They are in "fashion" and just sit there and count their comments and it is an honnor if once in a while they deign to come to your blog. But fashion comes and goes. I took the widget of the widget box that's a nice thing. But thank you for all the effort you made with this post !


Great TT! Very informative, are you sure you haven't done this before?


Great list! :) Very useful and informative. :) Thanks for mentioning me - I appreciate it! :)


Great post. I didn't know half that stuff! Thanks for the visit today.


Three cheers for #11...I have been filled with inspiration for a comment only to find that the word "comment" doesn't appear anywhere and anything else I click takes me to somewhere I don't want to go. It's kind of like men's and women's rooms in restaurants...I don't want to try to figure out if I am an amigo or an amiga, a yenta or a mensch, a ewe or a ram...or whatever cutesy way the restaurant had decided to incorporate its theme into the signage on the restroom doors. And, let's face it, when I have to pee, I'm even less patient than when I have to leave a comment!

Are you saying in #6 that if I have Mr. Linky and I convert them to Perma Linkies (which I will learn to do once I finish this epic comment) then I will have done my service to the bloggers who are trying to build up links and ratings and all that stuff?


I've seen this 'movement' around recently but didn't really see the value in it to be honest. You've convinced me though so I'll deal with my template this weekend.


Thanks so much for all this info. I've bookmarked your site and will be using some of these very informative tips! :)


Thanks for visiting my TT and thank you for the info. My technology challenged self will try to add this feature to my blog.


Thanks for all the tech. info.


Thanks for a very useful post!

I use CA-credits for WP and thought it did the same thing...but maybe it just looks pretty?

To be on the safe side, I'm going to install the plug-in you mentioned as well. Thanks for the info - I always appreciate a link so I definitely want to give them :-)


Most of it is lost on me. I play and like to meet others. When I like their blog I save the address or try to at least visit them on Thursdays and catch up. I actually don't like doing anything on the computer that I don't HAVE to do, except for visiting the blogs of the people who comment on mine.

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