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October 03, 2007



Most of it is lost on me. I play and like to meet others. When I like their blog I save the address or try to at least visit them on Thursdays and catch up. I actually don't like doing anything on the computer that I don't HAVE to do, except for visiting the blogs of the people who comment on mine.

Amy Ruttan

I'm in wordpress now, used to be blogger and to be honest the whole technorati everything confuses me. Very interesting TT. I use Mr. Linky, it's easy.

Robin from Israel

I agree, those live journal blogs are a real pain. Invariably, I forget to sign my name at the bottom before I hit submit and end up posting anonymously and then have to add a second comment (at which point I then have to add a verification thingie to prove I'm a human and not a bot). Takes all the fun out of commenting.

Mathew James Didier

We use B2Evolution which is tricky to get certain things to run properly in... but there's still come goodly tips here! One thing to add... to get MORE VALUE out of your Thursday Thirteen, when you comment on other TT's, READ and UNDERSTAND the TT before doing so... don't simply say "Great List!" or take a stab at it... that only makes the author wonder if you read or are simply there for the link. It will ensure that you (should) get decent responses back on your blog!

(Of course, damozel does do this... this is actually directed at others... especially commenters on one blog that SEEMED to be about "ladybugs"... but if you bothered to read...)


I'm using #7 for Thursday Thirteen and Linkies for Cats on Tuesday.
Thanks for visiting my Tolkien TT!

J. Lynne

Re: TT's blogroll

I've come to the conclusion that no one is on the receiving end of that contact form anymore or the regular TT contact form. I've sent several messages to both and have never received a reply.

Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven

great tips!

I don't know if I my blog is set up to follow or not???



Thanks for the tips! You put some time into this post.


Just learned about the badge..thx for heads up

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