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September 05, 2007



I love all your TT. Always so informative.

J. Lynne

I begrudgingly like NIH, but only because I've surprisingly always been able to get the info I want from them...


I work in a government office and I know lots of people think its really boring (politics that is) but it can be really interesting. Great stuff here!!

Joy T.

Yet another educational TT. Love it! Happy TT!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

I always learn something from your T13 lists! Another really informative one today! :)


Great list. I'm pretty skeptical of 12 and 13.

Matthew James Didier

How about "The Department of Governmental Information Technology Geeks that Realised When the Y2K Bug Went Bust, They Better Justify Their Phony-Baloney Jobs by Building This Website".

I betcha there's more than one of those...


A whole agency for printing reports? I'm going to check out the web site.


Very informative! I didn't know what half of it was. kind of sad...


Very informative! Happy TT to you!

Angela at mommy bytes

I'm glad to say that I at least knew of half of them, and now I know more! As always, thanks for visiting and thanks for the great lesson.

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