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September 05, 2007



This is a wonderful TT -- I hate to say it, but I didn't know the majority of this! Thanks for the info -- I'm going to link you to my blog, if it's okay-- you have great info!
Happy TT!


Thanks for putting the functions of what these entities do in layman's terms. I also checked out the link to the recent drug scandals. The govt. never ceases to amaze me (waiting a year to put the blindness warning on Viagra).


I didn't know many of these either. Thanks for sharing!

The Nononsense

I didn't know most of these stuff. This really is interesting AND maddening!!!

Happy TT!!!


Excellent Info. Much thanks.


Love to be educated. Thanks, I might even reference back to this from time to time


As a Canadian, I am not familiar with many of these US government entities. Very informative and interesting TT.

I'm all about words this time round on


Another educational TT.

Wacky Mommy

V. helpful, thank you! Thanks for stopping by, too.


Interesing TT13. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by. Blessings!

Robin from Israel

Is it just me, or are there too many bureaucrats...


Interesting and informative, as usual. Happy TT.

mom not mum

Always learn something when I come visit your TT!


And another week of learning under my belt. I love coming here.

Happy TT.


Tilly Greene

I always get a great laugh out "Government Accountability Office" :-) Interesting list - thank you.


I'm not very "politic savvy" at all so I found this list quite interesting!


Great list.

Now if some of them would get more money so they could do their job better it would be a great thing.

Happy TT.

Jenny McB

Reading all these departments, is there a hierarchy? Or is it based on telling people what they want to hear?

Good list!


It makes me sad to know that the government has so many agencies and yet seems so dysfunctional and can market a phony war like it was the latest walmart gadget without much oversight.


Alriiiiiighty then! That list oughta use up a few rolls of red-tape!


Another week - another fascinating list that makes me feel like i know NOTHING.

Moondancer Drake

Yeah, I'd wondered what some of those agencys were "supposed" to be doing. This clarifies things, thanks.


I know I've probably said this before, but I love reading this blog!


I know you didn't do this just to spike my blood pressure, but it's a good thing I just had a beer...


feddle gummint bureaucraps: the bane of a citizen's existence... *heh*


There is waaaayyyyy to much waste in Government. I think about 90% of all Government positions should be gone and let more Americans do what Americans do best in a free market. That and it would finially get Government out of every single aspect of everyone's life.
Happy TT13! :-)

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