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September 26, 2007


This Girl Remembers

Wow, what a reminder about how our government has been operating for YEARS. Reminds me of a great book I read years ago - should read it again because I've fotgotten most of it - "Lies My Teacher Told Me."


I read through this and realize how many shadows are cast over reality by the government so that we think we're voting over issues, but those issues are really just dust jackets covering the ugly truth of corruption and special interest.

Great post.

Mine's up at

Michael Schurmann

Quite informative! You guys do a great job sharing important facts!

Thanks for stopping by!


"As it was in the beginning
Is today official sinning,
And shall be fore ever more."

Mathew James Didier

The "Hyphenated Horror" of Iran-Contra... thanks for actually making it easy to comprehend... trying to explain it often leads me to confuse people more than before they asked about it! (I'm takin' notes!)


Wow, those are some amazing facts. No wonder the U.S. is in the mess it is now.


And that was the most straightforward list of information about that whole debacle that I have ever seen. Thank you.


I didn't know the half of this! Will we ever know for sure how dirty Reagan's hands were?


Thanks for stopping by my TT. You have quite a bit of information here. I'm never surprised by governmental weirdness anymore. Le Sigh.

.: mar

Very informative TT, thanks!!


Wow, I'll admit I'm not up on current political scandals much less past political scandals. This post makes me want to brush up on my history.

Very thought provoking.


Your site is a great history resource.
I like the way you just give the facts.

J. Lynne

I know I lived through all of this, but the only thing about Ollie's trial that I really really remember is that he got really pinged for buying some danced tights for his daughter using his government credit card. It always seems to me that the media and the investigators super focus on the teeniest of things and lose sight of the big picture. Kind of like whether or not Bill Clinton had consenting adultry instead of whether or not he committed an actual crime.

Great history lesson.


Another great TT. Wow. You grrrlllz/guyz are amazing. Even though I'm currently kinda hiding out and licking my political wounds, I love coming by this blog. In one way, it breaks my heart to see another TT like this and be reminded so clearly that all this GWB crap is nothing new... The more I learn, the more I wonder: "Was America ever the place of shining dreams and 'liberty' that we all believed?" I should have included Dave Matthews "American Baby" in my TT of songs that break my heart. Thanks for being strong enough to keep blogging the truth.


Thanks so much for visiting my site - your link worked fine. Your TT was a great reminder to me about some past events that I was either unclear of or had trouble remembering everything. Get site!!!!


What I remember most was everyone involved having a "convenient" memory whilst testifying. I have never heard the words, "I do not recall..." so many times. Oh yeah, when Alberto Gonzales testified recently I thought I was having a flashback.


that was really interesting... thanks for sharing that!

and thanks for stopping by my TT again this week too!

Mark Caldwell

Thanks for visiting my TT.

I'd say something incisive about this terrible mess but my head's imploded with cold and I'd probably say something offensive or stupid instead :-(

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