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September 26, 2007



How is it that someone convicted of multiple felonies is allowed to run for high government office...

Very sad.

Special K Toni

Very enlightening T13!

The Gal Herself

Great (recent) history lesson. It always bugged me that Oliver North never reminded the public of your #4 whenever he slammed Senator Kerry during the 04 campaign. With the antagonistic past the men share, it would have been nice for the sake of "fair and balanced" reporting if North had copped to how angry he was about the Iran-Contra hearings. Anyway, great post (as usual).

Nicole Austin

I remember watching Oliver North testify. The whole situation was such a mess.

Another great list! Happy TT. :D

Chelle Y.

Wow, coming hear every week is like going to history class! I love it!

Happy TT!


Yep, I remember most of this...
My TT shows my Tinkerbell collection.

Nap Warden

I totally remember being in high school and watching Oliver North testify. Thanks to your list I understand much more than I did then.


I don't remember much about this, other than Oliver North saying he couldn't recall. Happy TT!

nononsense girl

Once again, great TT! I have learned a lot!

Mine's up, 13 things about my job interview tomorrow!


You have to be one of the smartest people I know when it comes to history and politics. Great job:)


Once again, great list. So sad, really. I so look forward to your list each week.


Oh how well I remember this event in out history. It was a very interesting blink back at that recent, but very important, moment in American history.


Susan Helene Gottfried

Yep, just another reminder of how much I hate politics. I do just about anything to avoid it, even the neighborhood politics. Yuck.


I'll be darned! Didn't know but a couple of those things. You always have something interesting:)


Brings back memories of the polisci class Mr. Fox taught in 9th grade. He was a tough but excellent teacher. Happy TT.


Number 11....*Blink, Blink*

McDonalds doesn't hire folks with multiple felony convictions...

GWB is apparently not a discerning.




Oh, that baby I want to have to near by me. a nice TT!


Hm, as usual when I come here, I learned something that was completely new to me.
It just gives me more reasons to shake my head about Bush (or rather, about the fact that american people voted for him not once, but twice - which is a fact I will never ever understand) and confirming my belief that to call politicians of every country psychotic low-lifes is an insult to the psychotic low-life community. ;)


I remember bits & pieces of this, mostly Oliver North pleading the 5th.

So, he's working for Fox, now? I had no idea...

Have an excellent Thursday & thanks for stopping by my list. :)


Great list, thanks for the history lesson/reminder.


Another great TT. It was exactly this event which disillusioned me to our governement at the tender age when I should have just been getting excited about it (1980 was the first election I was old enough to participate in). Have a great TT.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

I remember all of this so very vaguely, I was in high school at the time. It's enlightening to learn more about what actually happened.

Carrie Lofty

I remember my parents being glued to the TV during the hearings. I didn't get it coz I was young. But now they're Republicans and it makes me want to scream. You support these people now??


Thanks for the history lesson! Very interesting stuff.


That was informative... next week... 13 ways you can prove the constitution is no longer in effect!

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