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September 13, 2007


Nicole Austin

Another great TT and informative post. Its amazing Felt was able to remain silent until 2005.

Ann Aguirre

Lots of interesting facts there! I'm glad Mr. Liddy has profited and got a talk show out of Watergate. Hehe.


Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for such an educational TT!


Great TT!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

I'd never known that much about Watergate - it's very interesting to learn more about what happened and who was involved. Thanks! :)


I was too young to remember any of this....or at least the nitty gritty details. Goes to say, you learn something new everyday.

Thanks for visiting my TT.


This list should also have included Chuck Colson, who was special counsel to Nixon, and one of the Watergate Seven. He served his time in prison, then later created Prison Fellowship.
Yep, this definitely is a walk down the murky dark waters of US politics, of which the nation has never recovered. Today I believe the American public should be impeached simply because of their apathy. What a sorry, lazy lot we have become! Who said those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it? Hang on for the ride!
Just returning a visit to my site; hope you have a great weekend!


Robin, I soooo remember that! I was a little kid watching my Sesame Street or some show and that boring Watergate show that mom liked would come on. I hated that show! lol

Thanks for catching me up on what really happened...well explained.


See, and again I learned something new. I knew virtually nothing about the Watergate scandal - except the name and the fact that Nixon had to resign because of it.
Deep Throat I connect only with X-Files. But I like this CREEP committee. Never was one more appropriately named... :o)


Wow! Now that is an impressive T13!

Stien and Andi

Very interesting list! Hehehe, great name for that CREEP group... Sounds just like something I would choose ;-)
Happy TT to you!

Choosing Voluntary Simplicity

I have enjoyed reading this very interesting and informative post. Thanks for visiting my site.


very informative. as someone who was born after that scandal, i read your tt with hungry eyes. thanks for clearing it up!


Ah, the memories. Nice job summarizing such a complicated piece of history.

Open Grove Claudia

I went to graduate school with a guy who was in prison with these guys. He said that Haldeman was an amazing poker player. He was funny, interesting, and never bitter for the way things turned out. Just a great guy - that's what he said.

Of course, he was my 4th grade Presidential person to follow. We stopped that project mid-year when all the shit hit the fan.

Great TT! :)

On a Limb -


Thanks for clearing this up - I lived through it as a young girl. Found a lot of information here that I hadn't know. Great TT.


I learned stuff from this TT!! =)

Michelle at Scribbit

I just remember it being one of the ugliest buildings in all of D.C.


Hey, thanks for visiting my TT!


So we can blame Nixon for the creation of the media frenzy! And hmmm...maybe John Dean knows what he's saying, having been through it once already...

Where they SERIOUS? CREEP? Idiots!

Thanks for visiting me; sorry I'm visiting so late!

nononsense girl

I'm glad I liked you to my blog. You guys are always interesting!!!! Happy TT!

Mine is up @

Joy T.

I 'thought' I knew a lot about Watergate. Turns out I didn't. Always nice coming here for TT!

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