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September 13, 2007


Elle Fredrix

Thanks for the detail. I was too young to care about any of this when it happened (and Canadian besides) but it's interesting to get all the facts.

Sparky Duck

Great list, all the Presidents Men was one of the first sparks of politics that i can remember. Do you thinks its interesting the John Dean has become such a go to guy for political shows now?


Interesting list! Happy TT and thanks so much for dropping by!


I have to say that when it happened I was pregnant and had other things in mind then Watergate of course. Afterwards I heard and read a lot about it, but the only thing which I really kept in mind was that everybody said Nixon was a very good president IF .....


I was young, but I remember this stuff.


Why couldn't it have been this straight forward when I learned about it in history class? Happy 13! Thanks for visiting.

J. Lynne

If you know anything about the Watergate scandal, I recommend the comedy "Dick," which presents a light-hearted look at the scandal from a different point of view, showing that sometimes it's important not to piss off the wrong people or in Nixon's case, his teenage dog-walkers, who accidentally become "Deep Throat" in this fictional alternative history.

Happy TT!

J. Lynne

Oh, and an interesting piece of trivia, former President George Bush was actually the man in the Republican Party who advised Nixon that it was time to resign.

The Gal Herself

Monica Lewinsky stayed at the Watergate. Chandra Levy used jog near there. It's amazing what a scandal-magnet that building became!

Thanks for walking us through the scandal. We need to be reminded what happens when we sacrifice our right to know for Executive Privilege.


Wow! Amazing info. I never knew that. Another learning for me. Thanks! Happy TT!


I didn't know half of that information, sadly enough. I have seen the movie All the President's Men, though. Good list. Mine is just random facts about me. Happy TT!


I always enjoy reading your thirteens because much like mine brings back memories or little known facts about sports, yours does the same for me with politics and the like. I will have to stumble this one today. Thanks for all the good stuff. :)

Cindy Swanson

As always, a very informative and educational TT! I was in high school when this happened, and frankly, I wasn't paying too much attention. :(


Happy TT! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, I didn't realize Deep Throat had come forward. Very cool list as usual. Happy TT!


Watergate eh? That was well before my time and from everything I've ever heard, it sounds like the full truth has never and will never be told.

In any case - I wholeheartedly disagree with your comment on my TT13 - I'm disappointed in your rush to judgement. However, if you want to retain that opinion go for it, but you're missing out on some good stuff!


I love that your TTs are so interesting and educational. I'm always learning something new!

Amy Ruttan

Very cool. I knew only a little about Watergate. Interesting how the secret keeper was called Deep Throat, ummm isn't that a porn movie? Interesting, goes to prove what might go through some politician's heads (no pun intended).

Amy Ruttan

Very cool. I knew only a little about Watergate. Interesting how the secret keeper was called Deep Throat, ummm isn't that a porn movie? Interesting, goes to prove what might go through some politician's heads (no pun intended).


I"m another one who really doesn't know all those facts about Watergate.
Thanks for dropping by my site earlier!


Lived through it. Thx for the stroll down a dark alley off memory lane...


If I ever missed one of your TTs I would be missing out on such fun, fascinating information. When I was a freshman in college (1981) G. Gordon Liddy was one of our convocations. Really surprised me what an amazing speaker he was. Of course, I was very young and impressionable.


Thanks for visiting my TT, and thank you for listing all the interesting facts about Watergate. The only one I knew was Deep Throat.


Being Canadian, I don't know much about Watergate but this was interesting.

Southern Girl

That was fascinating! About the only thing I really remember from that time was President Nixon announcing his resignation, leaving the White House and Ford taking the oath of office. But then I was only five or six. ;)

My TT is up, too:

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